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World’s Most Expensive Earrings

by Fashionlady
Worlds Most Expensive Earrings

I have been writing about most expensive handbags, most expensive shoes, most expensive blouse and many such more articles. Today we have another article that joins the rest on our most expensive list.

Worlds Most Expensive Earrings

The emerald and diamond tiara is priced at $14.7 Million and the Ruby Slippers costs no less than $3 Million, that were designed by Ronald Winston. Stuart Weitzman is known for creating a series of most expensive shoes that were either inspired from celebrities or just out of his imagination.

When shoes can cost millions and blouses cost a fortune, you will have absolutely no idea how expensive earrings can be.

World’s Most Expensive Earrings:

If we take the example of earrings then these are among the world’s most oldest forms of body ornamentation. The ear accessories exist from time immemorial. While numerous expensive and luxury pair of earrings would have designed earlier adorning the beauty of many royal muses, let’s just focus on the world’s most expensive earrings which were designed quite recently.

1. Golconda Diamond Earrings:

Price: US $9.3 Million

An anonymous buyer bought this pair of sparking diamond earrings for $9.3 Million at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewel’s spring sale in Hong Kong. Each earrings weights almost 23.11 carats.

Golconda Diamond Earrings

Source: elitetraveler.com

2. Diamond Drop Earrings From The House Of Harry Winston:

Price: US $8.5 Million

Harry Winston’s Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings, which cost $8.5 million are considered to be the most costly pairs existing till date. This pair can be bought from the House of Winston on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hill, California. Created by the House of Winston in 2006, this pair of pear-shaped, diamond earrings weighs around 60.1 carats altogether.

Let me clear the notion although this pair has been made famous by Harry’s name, this exquisite piece was actually created 30 years after he passed away.

Diamond Drop Earrings From The House Of Harry Winston

Source: english.fashion101.in

3. Emerald And Diamond Earrings:

Price: US $4.8 Million

Columbian pair shaped diamonds weighing 23.34 carats are estimated to be sold at the action with an estimate of $3.5 Million to $4.8 Million.

Columbian Emerald And Diamond Earrings

Source: 1stdibs.com

4. Emerald Drop Earrings:

Price: US $2.5 Million

Angelina Jolie wore a pair of emerald drop earrings to the 2009 Academy Awards designed by Lorraine Schwartz. The earrings are believed to cost $2.5 Million. Way to go Angelina! Hope you had a few ear-guards instead of the normal body guards to take care of those precious emeralds you flaunted at the red carpet.

Angelina Jolie Emerald Drop Earrings

Source: sothebys.com

Christie Diamond Drop Earrings

Source: webvisible.com

6. Diamond and Pearl Danglers:

Price: US $1.2 Million

Another pair of earrings from the prestigious Golconda mine in India is out for an auction for $1.2 Million. The earrings are made from 6 carat pear shaped diamonds

Golconda Mine Diamond and Pearl Danglers

Source: webvisible.com

Did You Know: Harry Winston came to notice, especially when he donated his Hope diamond to the Smithsonian Institute in 1958 which he had in his possession for almost 10 years. He made his mark when he overtook Arabella Huntington’s jewelry collection, one of the largest of the time, and revamped them on his own to reflect contemporary fashion. His name has since been attached to the millions of dollars jewellery lent out to celebrities on Oscar nights.

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