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Your Ultimate Guide To Flaunt That Perfect Sock Bun!

by Fashionlady
Sock bun for women

Sock bun

Hairstyles play an important role in sealing your look. They can either make or break your look in a jiffy! Whether you are wearing that little black dress, a gown, a sari or the very classic denim and tee, your hairstyle can change the game for you. While there might be a dozen hairdos you might have tried and tested, nothing looks as stylish and chic as a bun! Classy, sophisticated and easy to do, sock bun can be your best bet for any occasion.

But, if you think it is time-consuming and tedious to make a sock bun, think again! Easy, fast and trendy, a sock bun is an easy hairdo for every hair type. Sock buns can keep your hair in control, give you a volume boost and takes under a minute. So, why not try it now?

How To Do A Sock Bun

Though the steps for doing a sock bun might be the same, there can slight variations depending on the length, cut and texture of the hair.

Step 1

First of all, no matter the hair type, you need to make a sock for your hair. While doing this, make sure the colour of the sock matched with your hair colour and the elastic on the top is firm enough to hold your hair. Any sock made from a thin fabric will work.

Step 2
knock off the toe area of the sock to make a clean edge. Now, roll the sock down from the inside out and create a doughnut. When it gets to the needs, allow the top portion of the sock to spill out a little bit. Now, pull hair back into a high ponytail and secure with elastic at the crown.

How to do a sock bun

Step 3

Place the sock doughnut around the base of the ponytail and pull all of your hair through the hole. Then, pull the doughnut from the base of the head all the way to the ends of your pony. Starting from the end of your pony, begin tucking and rolling the ends around sock doughnut. You should use the same motion you used to roll up the sock in the first step—flip the bottom side of the doughnut upward from the inside out with both hands. While you tuck and roll, try to disperse hair evenly all the way around the doughnut, but don’t worry about completely covering it. Your hair will naturally spread out as you work.

How to do a sock bun for women

Step 4

Continue to slowly roll the sock down to the base along with the ponytail. As you roll, tuck in the loose strands underneath the doughnut. When you reach the base, fill in gaps in the bun’s structure by gently spreading hair out.

Sock bun tutorial

Step 5

Lastly, tidy up the hairdo, secure bobby pins wherever needed. To make the bun a little fuller, tease the strands from the centre portion.

Sock bun tutorial for women

For Short Hair

If you have shorter hair with lots of layers, you could try a smaller sock. The technique remains the same, but start off with a hair serum or gel so that the strands stay together. Use bobby pins to secure shorter strands that do not firm up.

For Curly Hair

Sock buns are great for curly hair too! However, just make sure you don’t pull hair too tight while making the pony or you might end up having a bad headache. While most of us think sock buns are hard to do on curly hair, it actually turns out the other way around! But, otherwise, the process is exactly the same.

5 Ways To Sass Up Your Sock Bun

A sock bun is classy as is, but these simple tricks will help you look a little more chic and trendy!

  1.  Make two braids, criss-cross them in the front of the bun and pin them together.
  2. Accessorise your bun with bows, fancy clips or rubber-bands.
  3.  For a really classy look, try a fishtail braid. You could wrap it on one side of the bun or on the top.
  4. You could also try an upside-down braid.
  5. A bandana will also throw in a cool quotient to your hairdo.

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Sock bun tutorial for lady

Tips For Making The Perfect Sock Bun

  • Choose a sock that matches your hair colour.
  •  While cutting the tip, make sure you follow a straight line cut.
  • Use a rat-tail comb
  • Be generous while using bobby pins
  • Keep a hairspray or a hair gel handy
  • Nylon socks work like magic
  • Ponytail extensions might give you a quirky look. So, try them!

Use these tips and flaunt that perfect sock bun right away!

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