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Gorgeous And Easy Updo Hairstyles For Working And Party Lass

by Fashionlady
Easy Updos For Long Hair

Easy Updo Hairstyles

In the thick of morning pressure, when you have the family to look after, how much time do you get to look after your buns and trims. I mean hairstyles.

Just like there are fast and readymade options to pick when hunger is at its peak, similarly there are easy updo hairstyles when you are short on time.

The first part on updos is that they are cute, feminine and quicky quick to do. Since you can’t land up at school or party in those old school ponytails, I have rounded up few easy hair updos which would range from easy updos for long hair, updos for medium hair and short hair updos.

And the surprising thing is that it will take you less than 5 minutes to put together these hair updo styles. Time to explore updo hairstyles for medium hair, simple updos for long hair and medium hair updos that will surely egg you to adopt them.

Ballerina Bun

Talk of the best updos for medium hair and its got to be buns, knots, braids. Buns are not just easy updo hairstyles, but the hottest hairstyle trend of the season. You can wear it to red carpet events, or even take it to the beach. And they take a matter of minutes only to put it together.

To get this easy hair updos, just pull your hair back into a ponytail so that it is free of bumps, and then just twist it into a bun. You can also leave your hair loose in order to make a topknot.

Updos For Long Hair

Braided Back Bun

If you ever get tired wearing the same old bun hairstyle, all you need to do is switch over to the gorgeous looked braided bun. The diagram below shows how the braided bun is easy hair updos. Because you just need to flip your hair upside down, braid it the way you normally do, and then twist it into a bun.

Easy Hair Updos

Side Bun

If you are ready for date night, then this simple medium hair updos is the perfect answer. The kind of charm and sophistication it gets you is unbelievable. And it just needs a few steps as shown in the picture.


Medium Hair Updos


The 70’s showed us hairstyles with serious volume. Beehive is one such hair updo styles sported by top celebrity Nicole Richie which did hit the fashion world by storm.

Updos For Long Hair

French Roll Updo

It is the most common hair updo styles which is not only easy to do but sleek and stylish too. You just need bobby pins and five minutes. Plus it is universally appealing and will steal the limelight wherever you go.

Updos For Medium Hair

Curly Pin-Up

The problem with shoulder length hair is that they might look short in low buns because of the lack of length from the neck nape to the ends. When you pin curled hair into a low loose updo, you get full style without any room for extensions.

Formal Bun Updos

Messy hairstyles look nice but not always. Sleek updos for medium hair help balance out a frilly gown or embellished dress so that you don’t give up an overdone look. Since the updo is tight enough, there will be no slip up of the updo when you are dancing your way out.

Hair Updo Styles

Bouffant Updos

Should you want extra height and volume, then bouffant updo is the go-to. It gives you a middle parting which look great on formal hair updos, while giving a pinned style.

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Short Hair Updos

So which of the easy updo hairstyles have charmed you among the ones shown? Tell us, write, and like.

Images Source: pinterest.com, youqueen.com

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