Summer To Ethnic, Shilpa Shetty Got Us Glued To Her Styles

Shilpa Shetty Summer Fashion

Altering styles of Shilpa Shetty within a couple of days span gave us major summer and also ethnic goals. As interesting and inspiring the diva’s fashion seemed, equally inspiring were the events she graced.

Summer style

Shilpa Shetty was photographed while she unveiled the ‘Chakrasana’ yoga sculpture, a great initiative to the city by Harsha Goenka. Over a white body-hugging top, she donned Zara floral print culottes for the event. Tangy orange heels and over-sized shades closed her ensemble. With a crisp ponytail, glossy lips and flawless makeup, she looked refreshing and attractive.

Shilpa Shetty Summer Style

Sari Style

For a brand endorsement in Goa, Shilpa Shetty picked an ethnic style and simply amazed us with her grace. She looked fantastic in a purple Raw Mango sari and gave it a modern twist with a contrast pink high-necked blouse. Loud and stunning Amrapali jewelry played along well with her ethnic style. Her signature style blow dried wavy hairdo and crystal clear makeup elevated her beauty wonderfully.

Shilpa Shetty Sari Style

Sanjana Batra, the stylist did a fabulous job in beautifying her image and pampered her charm with stunning styles! Lock these inspiring looks in your style diaries!

Images Source: instagram

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