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10 Tips on How to Take Care of Long Hair

by Fashionlady
How to Take Care of Long Hair

How to Take Care of Long Hair
Long hair requires a lot of maintenance, cleaning, conditioning, moisturising, strengthening etc. to make it look as fabulous as it does. Whereas taking care of hair, long or short is a very important routine that you must follow, long hair requires that extra care. Detangling, brushing, condition, oiling are all in part of the package that comes with long hair.

Irrespective of texture, or style, long hair, whether curly, wavy or straight, have to be duly managed and given the nourishment it requires. I’m sure we all have our Sunday rituals; where we oil our hair, tie it in a bun, shampoo and condition later, but what we forget are the daily taking care. Your hair could be nourished with products that can be picked up at stores or even simple homemade remedies.

Here are simple tips on how to take care of long hair.

The first step to your hair care would be seeing for yourself if you have dry, oily or normal hair.

  • Brushing: For long hair, the wide paddle brush is the correct brush to be using, that accounts for the area that it covers while brushing and also the teeth avoid too many breakages. Always divide your hair into sections and comb softly. They are prone to breakage and hence should be dealt with smoothly. Another busted myth is about the 100 strokes that ll make your hair better looking. This just loosens your strands, subjecting your hair to breakage and damage.

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  • Oiling: This is another important answer to your question – How to take care of long hair? Hair oil is a must when it comes to conditioning and cleaning your hair and scalp. Again, depending on the type of hair, you pick hair oil that suits your hair the best. Coconut oil best for getting rid of dandruff, strengthening your hair and thickening, olive oil for deep conditioning and fighting loss of hair, avocado oil for moisturising and shine, almond oil for smoothening and gloss.

The simplest and easiest way to oil hair is by:


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1. Heat oil, make it lukewarm
2. Partition your hair and apply oil with your fingers
3. Use only required amount of oil, should not be dripping from your forehead.
4. Massage your scalp
5. You can steam your hair by wrapping a hot towel on it for 10 min
6. Wash.

  • Massaging: It improves circulation and promotes good growth. So, pamper yourself with some massaging that will relax you as well as benefit you. The best way to massage your hair other than the conventional way is by tapping your fingers on your scalp. With your fingertips, tap in a fast motion and cover your entire head doing the same.
  • Shampooing: The trick to shampooing your hair correctly is the no-wait-formula. You rinse your hair thoroughly; your hair should be very wet. Take only necessary amount of shampoo cause the water in the hair is going to help in good lather. Work up the lather and gently massage your scalp, to get rid of the dust and dirt. And wash. Clean your hair completely with water before applying the conditioner. Depending on your hair type, you could shampoo every third or fourth day, always following it with a conditioner.

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    • Conditioning: A golden rule while shampooing is to use a conditioner without fail. Make sure you use your conditioner on your hair because the shampoo strips your hair of the desired moisture. Moreover if you have an oily scalp, too much conditioner will make it oilier and dull. So, first would be getting the right conditioner, alternating with a different conditioner for once in a while.

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  • Regular Trimming: On an average, a person’s hair growth rate is about 1.5 inches every month and hence hair should be trimmed every 8 weeks. You lose out on the retired edge hair that makes your hair limp. So, getting your hair trimmed regularly is another rule to follow. Trimming does not increase the length of your hair for sure; many people are under this myth. It helps is keeping the unwanted dead hair or split ends cut from your tips.
  • Hair masks: Hair masks are easily available in the market today, so you can pick one that fulfils your requirement. They could be different measures, for smoothening, softening, hair growth, getting rid of dryness, etc, but a mask once in a while is like a treat for your hair. Homemade hair masks are tailor-made for your hair problems, hence indulge in these. You could make a simple mask with coconut oil and olive oil, it’s guaranteed to give your hair that bounce and shine. Mashed banana and honey is another combination you can try which will act as a conditioner for your hair.
Hair masks

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  • Cold water: Cold water acts as relaxant for your hair. It improves blood circulation, makes your hair fuzz-free and cleans your hair best. Whereas a hot shower sounds like a good idea, cold water for hair should be used, always.
  • Do not rub your hair when wet: Drying your hair with a towel should be done with good handling; the wrong kinds will cause breakages and make them frizzy. So, let them dry and damp the towel smoothly on your hair. Avoid brushing your hair when wet, cause of obvious reasons.
Do not rub your hair when wet

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  • Your diet: What you eat, is what your face and hair will show. Eat right and the nutrients will definitely boost healthy hair growth. Your hair need a balanced diet to absorb the required nutrition from your food. Walnuts, eggs, green leafy vegetables, poultry, fruits- all are great for hair. Include them in your diet and help your hair get all the food they need to look beautiful. Other than these, your lifestyle habits, smoking, sleeping patterns also affect your hair and the way they fall.
Your diet

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Hair care is as easy and fun as you decide to make it. So, for pretty hair, there has got to be a little effort of your own. Pamper your hair and make it look fantabulous every day.

Hope you enjoyed this post on How to Take Care of Long Hair. Do share your feedback with us.

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