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10 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling

by Fashionlady

When you’re travelling, taking care of yourself and staying healthy is of utmost importance. You don’t want to fall sick during your vacation or business trip. Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances is what will help you through whenever you’re travelling.

Apart from using fitness apps that can be downloaded on your phones, here are some tips on how to stay healthy while travelling.

1. If you’re on a long flight, the one thing to remember is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water and fruit juices and stay away from caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Dehydration could lead to cramps, which can make your travel highly uncomfortable. So drink plenty of fluids.


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2. Carry some basic medications with you. If you take vitamin supplements, be sure to pack them. Also carry a small purse of basic medications such as antibiotics, pain killers, allergy medicines and so on.


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3. Get eight hours of sleep. It is amazing how often people go on a vacation to relax and end up being frazzled and more stressed out because of lack of sleep. If you do not get sufficient sleep, you are at higher risk of becoming sick. So carry a neck pillow, eye pad and whatever else you might need to get some decent sleep while travelling.

Are you super-excited for your holiday trip? Make a hassle-free travel experience with a proper travel plan to save your time and money during the hectic journey hours.


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4. Carry a hand sanitizer with you. Wash your hands often and carry a hand sanitizer with you wherever you go.

5. Make time for some exercise. Even when you don’t have access to a gym, make it a point to do some stretching exercises. If you’re flying, take short walks now and then to avoid getting clots in your legs. If you’re driving, again, make regular stops to stretch your sore muscles and boost blood circulation.

6. Always carry some healthy snacks in your bag. You never know when you’ll get hunger pangs so it is a good idea to carry some healthy snacks such as an apple or almonds or even a small bottle of peanut butter with you. You can snack on these when you feel hungry instead of opting for chips or other such unhealthy options.

7. Eat a high-fibre diet. There is nothing quite as horrible as being constipated when you’re travelling. So be sure to eat a high-fibre diet two to three days before your travel schedule so that you don’t have to spend all of your travel time worrying about the lack of your bowel movements.


8. Be careful of what you eat. While trying out exotic dishes might be an important part of travelling, show caution. Your body might not agree with everything you put into it. So don’t push your luck. Make sure any meat you eat is well cooked and only eat in places that have a clean kitchen.

9. Know your destination and what you need to pack for it. You don’t want to end up at your destination with summer clothing only to realize that it’s raining 24/7. Be prepared for the weather with appropriate clothing and other stuff such as sunscreen, cold cream etc. You don’t want to end up with a sunburn or frost bite while on vacation.

10. Have a hearty meal before you start travelling. This ensures that you won’t be bingeing on salty or sweet snacks that will ultimately dehydrate you and make you feel bloated.

Prepare a list of things you need to pack to ensure that you don’t forget anything. Pack well in advance to avoid last-minute hustle and bustle.

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