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15 Scientific Reasons Behind Hindu Traditions

by Fashionlady
15 scientific reasons behind Hindu Traditions

15 scientific reasons behind Hindu Traditions
We are Indians and are proud of our Nationality. The traditions and culture of India is globally known. And if talking about women of India, we all know how many traditions and cultural activities we women follow and do, in our daily life.

Mostly people think that these traditions are made just to please God etc. and they have no logical or scientific reasons behind them.

Well, I am very pleased to say that each and every single Hindu tradition has a scientific reason behind it. In this post I am going to share top 15 scientific reasons for following some of the most popular Hindu traditions:


We Indians are known for hospitality and gestures. We welcome people by joining our hands together, bowing and saying “Namaste.” When we join our hands together, our finger tips touch each other, which in turn activate the pressure points of eyes, ears and mind. This activation of our sensual organs helps us in remembering the person for a longer time.


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Tilak On forehead:

We apply Tilak on forehead whenever we visit Temples or during festivals and also on special occasions. There is a major nerve point between the eyebrows on a forehead. When a Tilak is applied on this point, it prevents the loss of energy, thereby retaining our concentration point. It also activates the Adhya-chakra which supplies blood to our facial muscles.

Surya Namaskar:

The most important mantra of following a healthy lifestyle is to follow Surya Namaskar which comprises of 13 asanas and each posture has great benefits to the body. This is a tribute which we pay to Sun God.


We Indians believe in fasting on several occasions. We accumulate a lot of toxins in our body. Fasting relaxes our body mechanism and cleanses the body by detoxifying it. The digestive system gets to rest during fasting which leads to the cleaning process.

Surya Namaskar

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Touching the feet of the elders:

This is a great Indian tradition which is still followed by all of us. We touch the feet of our elders to stay blessed. When we touch the feet of the elderly, positive thoughts are generated by their hearts, which produces positive energy. This energy is transferred to the hands and toes of the elderly. When we touch the feet, we become the receptor of the positive energy from our elders.

Idol Worship:

We have a strong belief on the Almighty. We do worship idols imagining them in the real Avatar. Scientifically it is proved that it increases concentration during prayers. It also gives a shape to our thoughts.

Ringing bells in Temple:

These bells are designed in such a way that it balances the left and right brains. The sound is also strong enough for us to focus on our worship. The bell echo is powerful enough to activate the chakras in our body.

Ringing bells in Temple

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Throwing coins in Water:

Coins are mostly made of copper which is a great way to keep out body healthy. During ancient times, river was the only source of drinking water. Thus, when coins were thrown in river water, it was a way to add the benefits of copper to the water, which would ultimately benefit the body.

Sleeping with Head facing in the North:

When you sleep with your head pointing towards North, the body’s magnetic field becomes asymmetrical to that of the magnetic energy produced by the earth, inviting Blood pressure and heart related issues. We have always heard our Mother’s and Grandmother’s tell us this. Now we know why we need to listen to them.

Tying a bun

The most sensitive spot is on the centre of the head. The tying bun helps in preserving the energy and boosts this centre.


Now we know why our grandmothers, aunt’s and mother wear this hairstyle most of the time.


Sindoor is considered as divine. It distinguishes married from unmarried in India. It is prepared by blending turmeric, lime and the metal mercury. The mercury level controls the Blood Pressure and increases the sexual drive in a woman. Thus, women are suggested to apply the sindoor till the pituitary gland where the feelings are centered.


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Piercing Ears:

The Indian girls have their ears pierced at a very young age as the skin is very delicate and it is less painful. The Indian philosophy says that ear piercing helps in intellect development. It increases the thinking power and also decision making abilities.

Toe Rings:

The toe ring is worn in the second toe by the Indian women. There is a specific nerve which connects the uterus and passes to the heart. Thus, it is proved that the toe ring strengthens the uterus and increases the blood flow to it, thereby keeping it healthy. It is also proved that it regularizes the menstrual cycle.

Toe Rings

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Applying Mehndi on the hands and feet:

You would be surprised to know the reason behind application of Mehndi on our hands and feet. It is a medicinal herb and is used for cooling purpose. The application of Henna on our hands and feet can actually de-stress us and can control the tensions during the wedding ceremony. Isn’t that cool?

I really hope you found this post very interesting. So now, when someone says that you are being orthodox as you follow old traditions, you have bundle of scientific reasons to explain them and fascinate them! Stay connected for more!

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