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3 Ways to Make a Gel Blush at Home

by Fashionlady
3 Ways to Make a Gel Blush at Home

3 Ways to Make a Gel Blush at Home
There is something exciting about making your own makeup at home. You feel proud that you made it yourself and glad that you didn’t have to spend loads of money for it. Right from compact powder to lip stains and blush, you can make your own makeup at home if you are so inclined.

A blush is that one makeup product that should be used sparingly. Those who’ve mastered the art of applying a blush are able to create a naturally-flushed look that makes them look healthy and glowing. If you are one of those blush lovers who just can’t do without a tint of pink on the apple of your cheeks, then how about making your own gel blush at home? Give it a try and see if it works as well as or better than the commercial stuff.

Method One

Take a teaspoon of any of your old powder blush and crush it into a fine, lump-free powder. Make sure it does not have too many shimmering particles as that will not work so well as a gel blush. Basically, what you want is a pink or peach blush that does not have glitter particles. Take a clean container and add a tablespoon of aloe vera gel to it. Add the powdered blush and mix well to create your very own gel blush. Try it on to see if you’re satisfied with the colour. Add more blush or more aloe vera gel to adjust till you get the hue that you want.

Method Two

Add a teaspoon of powdered eyeshadow (in pink or bronze shades) to a tablespoon of gel moisturizer and mix well to blend them. You may need more powder depending upon the shade of eye shadow you’re using. So add and adjust till you are satisfied with the final product.

Method Three

This method is a little more elaborate. It has great colour payoff, so if you want your blush to last all day, this is the one for you.


Things required:

1. Clean container to store the product

2. Microwaveable bowl

3. Glycerin

4. Two Nivea chapsticks (red or pink colour)

5. Pink food colouring (gel)

Add a tablespoon of glycerin to the microwaveable bowl and add your desired amount of pink food colouring to it and mix well. Break off the two chapsticks and add it to the bowl. Heat it in the microwave for a minute, making sure that the chapsticks have completely melted. Pour the product into your clean jar and allow it to cool for some time. And there you go, your very own gel blush is now ready to use. Since this contains food colour, it might be a little difficult to remove at the end of the day, but a good quality makeup remover should take care of any stubborn stain that it might leave. This product is not suitable for oily skin as the glycerine will make it more prone to greasy streaks.

To apply: Dot the gel blush along the apples of your cheeks taking care not to overdo it. Gently blend it in till it looks like a natural flush, giving your skin a very healthy colour. Remember that there’s no harm done if you apply very little blush and it ends up not showing on your skin. But if you do the opposite and use a lot of blush, you might end up looking like as if you’re highly embarrassed instead of looking like you’re blushing.

Making your own makeup can get quite addictive as you not only have fun doing it but you also end up saving money and using up any old makeup that you otherwise might not have made use of.

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