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3D Fashion: Redefining Innovative Designing!

by Fashionlady
3D Fashion

Did new trends ever stop amazing us? Did the fashion community ever cease to explore new techniques? Never ever! Because the fashion horizon is brimming with 3D fashion.

3D Fashion

Has the innovation bubble exploded? I will explain.

3D printed products are becoming popular day by day – especially among clothing, jewelry, and shoe designers. One reason can be the new technology, which is making the 3D printers cheaper and more accessible.

The technology has received such a warm welcome and acceptance from the fashion fraternity that many are viewing 3D fashion as a new art form. Kicked with the new market trend, many fashion brands are eager to produce new and exciting three-dimensional products.

Any guesses on the new products, which might look as if they have come from some other planet?

They are 3D printed jewelry, 3D printed shoes, 3D printed clothes, 3D printed glasses and much more – all of which are different facets of 3D fashion.

3D Printing Clothes

Source: danitpeleg.com

The Working Of 3D Printing:

How does 3D printing help in making of 3D fashion?

Well, the printing techniques create objects by using a CAD file, or computer-aided digital file, of the virtual design of an object. In case the object is a ‘copy’ of an already existing object, then 3D scanners are brought into use to capture its virtual design.

If the object is conceptual, a 3D modeling program is deployed for the design creation. The 3D modeling software spits the object into many thousands of horizontal slices, what we call as 2-dimensional images. The printer then combines this information to print each horizontal 2D layer of the object. The layers are then blended using a variety of techniques until each layer becomes invisible.

Saw how 3D printing is the new age technology!

3D Printer

Source: letterhub.com

How Does 3D Printing Influence Fashion?

Andrew Bolton, the curator for Met Costume Institute’s exhibition “Manus x Machina,” spoke about how 3D printing will affect the fashion industry.

According to Bolton, 3D printing will one day be as common as the sewing machine. And the benefits of 3D printing will be wide-ranging. Items printed to fit the exact measurements of consumers will be a common thing. Consumers will not have to depend on mass-produced and ill-fitting apparel, which are budget-friendly.

One of the key predictions of Bolton is that more and more consumers will tend to shift to printing inexpensive and custom-fitted clothing at home. That is why, 3D printed objects, such as jewelry, eyewear and footwear, and apparels are gaining popularity.

3 D Printed Dress

Source: papercutshop.se

3D Printed Textiles

Source: sculpteo.com

An inspiring example – Iris van Herpen’s latest haute couture collection “Ludi Naturae.” In this 3D printed clothes collection, the foliage dress combines traditional textiles with 3D printed plastic elements utilizing PolyJet technology.

You know the benefit of combining 3D printing and textiles together. It enhances the comfort and practicality of the garment for the wearer. The material that touches the skin of the wearer should be a soft fabric, while the intricate 3D printed design elements should be on the outer part of the garment.

AWESOME are the examples below:

An ensemble by Iris van Herpen put up for her SS-2010 haute couture line.

Designer 3D Fashion

Source: metmuseum.org/ Photographer: Nicholas Alan Cope

An ensemble by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel’s Autumn/Winter 2015–16 haute couture line.

3D Printing Dress

Source: metmuseum.org/ Photographer: Nicholas Alan Cope

A dress by Iris van Herpen for her Autumn/Winter 2013–14 haute couture line.

Iris van Herpen 3D Print Dress

Source: metmuseum.org/ Photographer: Nicholas Alan Cope

A “Flying Saucer” Dress by Issey Miyake from Spring/Summer 1994

Issey Miyake 3D Print Dress

Source: metmuseum.org/ Photographer: Nicholas Alan Cope

2. 3D Printed Jewelry:

3D printing is a new technology which is complex but can help you create new bold statements by using new materials and complex designs in jewelry. You can’t achieve the same results using traditional methods.


Did you know, 3D printed jewelry can be customized for rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

Here are some examples of how beautiful 3D printed jewelry has become!

Dove’s Nest Pendant – An image of a dove interwoven with a nest.

3d Printed Jewelry

Source: all3dp.com

Antelope Ring – Available in sterling silver, this 3D printed design has been mechanically polished to reveal the beauty and texture.

Antelope Ring

Source: shapeways.com

New York Cityscape – Another 3D printed jewelry masterpiece. Apart from New York, there are other cityscape choices too, such as Berlin to San Francisco.

3d Printed Jewelry Collection

Source: shapeways.com

Silver Orchid Necklace – one of the most expensive pieces, this 3D printed jewelry will set you back by $390. As for the description, it will equally stun you with the words “This silver pendant exhibits an orchid-esque bilateral symmetry and an intricate pattern of perforations reminiscent of cellular structures.”

Silver Orchid Necklace

Source: n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com

Morph Silver Bangle – Inspired by the complex cellular patterns of nature, this sterling silver bangle is built layer by layer in wax using 3D printing and then cast in sterling silver.

Morph Silver Bangle

Source: n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com

3. 3D Printed Shoes:

Peak Sports created a pair of basketball shoes using 3D printing technology. The 3D material creates great cushioning for the wearer. In fact, 3D printed shoes are being made for athletes before they will be made for the masses.

3d Printed Shoes

Source: 3Dshoes.com

4. 3D Printed Glasses:

Taking the eyewear fashion to the next level is 3D printed glasses. The advantages?

  • Custom-made 3D printed glasses are more comfortable
  • Hi-quality glasses can be produced
  • There are a few brands to chose from- Binokers, Mykita, Ic! Berlin, Safilo, Monoqool, and Protos Eyewear
3D Printed Glasses

Source: morgenrot-eyewear.de

So ladies, hope the versatility of the novel concept of 3D fashion excited you no end. Write in and tell us what you feel about this futuristic technology.

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