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5 Signs that Could Mean you are Pregnant

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5 signs that could mean you are pregnant

5 signs that could mean you are pregnant
Whether you are looking forward to it or taking precautions to avoid it, pregnancy needs serious consideration. Pregnancy tests are often the first step to determine whether you are pregnant or not. But over-the-counter kits are not always accurate. You may need to test more than once to be sure. The best solution, of course, is to consult your doctor. But before you do all that you need at least a few signs to suspect pregnancy. A missed period is often the first sign that prompts women to take a pregnancy test. However, skipping a period may not always be associated with pregnancy. Weight gain or loss, fatigue, stress or hormonal imbalance can also cause problems in your menstrual cycle. Some women also experience this when they stop taking birth control pills.

So, here are a few common signs or symptoms of pregnancy to help you decide whether to take a doctor’s appointment or not. You may be aware of most of the points listed below. But read on, as there are a few popular misconceptions about pregnancy symptoms too.


This is one of the earliest signs of a pregnancy and it can sometimes be accompanied by cramps too. It is called Implantation Bleeding and cramps occur when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall. This can happen anywhere from 6-12 days after conceiving. The blood and cramps are usually mistaken for menstruation. However, implantation bleeding is slight and stops abruptly. You can also look for a milky discharge from the vagina that is caused by the thickening of the vaginal walls, which starts immediately after conception.

Tender Breasts

After conception, women’s hormonal levels change abruptly and this could lead to swollen or sore breasts with a tingly feeling after 2-3 weeks. They could also feel fuller or tender to touch with darkening of the areola (the area around the nipples).

Tender Breasts

Source: pregnancy-yoga-resource.com


Feeling tired is associated with pregnancy from the earliest stages. You can start feeling unusually tired as soon as one week after conceiving. This is caused due to high levels of progesterone or lower levels of blood sugar and pressure. Getting plenty of rest is very important, while foods rich in protein and iron can easily help you manage this symptom.



Morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnancy, but contrary to popular belief, not every pregnant  woman may experience this. Also, just as some women crave for certain foods, some cannot stand the smell or taste of certain foods when pregnant. These are symptoms caused by the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Nausea can occur at any time of the day, but is most likely to be felt in the mornings.


Source: parentgenius.com

Mood swings and dizziness

You may go through a variety of emotions – these are all caused due to the hormonal changes and usually occur during the first trimester. The dizziness and fainting can be caused due to dilating blood vessels, low blood pressure or sugar.

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Apart from these usual suspects, the following can also be signs of pregnancy, especially when coupled with the above signs:

  1. 1. Frequent urination
  2. Constipation
  3. Headaches
  4. Back Pain
  5. Vivid dreams

A pregnant woman may exhibit all or just a few of the above mentioned symptoms. However, if you positively notice at least 2-3 of these signs, you should probably think of a pregnancy test or consult a doctor. If not pregnancy, these could be symptoms of other health problems that may need treatment.

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