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8 Reasons Why we Love Sonakshi Sinha

by Fashionlady
Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha is truly one of a kind. She may not have the world at her feet, or big designers sending her presents and gifts. But she most certainly has a fan following that no other female celebrity has – in a short period of time that is.

Since the moment she walked into Bollywood with her lovely eyes and lust worthy hair and did that amazing role in Dabangg, we became fans! Like totes! Then she gave us hit after hit and after few hits and no failures, she passed on a very LOUD message out to the world. Weight, figure or a certain body size doesn’t ensure blockbusters, your skill as an actor does.

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Critics went on and on about how fat she was, how she wasn’t the perfect fashionista. But you know what Sona did? She kept quiet, worked hard and THEN! She let her work do the talking!

She has many such attributes that we can fall head over in heels for her. But for today, let her Instagram roll do the talking!

She posts inspirational messages

Sonakshi messages

Source: instagram.com

She appreciates fan art

Sonakshi fan art

Source: instagram.com

She appears on magazine covers WITHOUT the help of photoshop

Sonakshi Sinha on magazine covers

Source: instagram.com

She has the cutest tattoo

Sonakshi tattoo

Source: instagram.com


Despite what people think, she’s a GLAM doll!

Sonakshi Sinha photoshot

Source: instagram.com

She holidays like anyone of us would

Sonakshi holidays

Source: instagram.com

Her no-makeup selfies are the BEST

Sonakshi no makeup selfies

Source: instagram.com

Her sense of humour is killer!

Sonakshi Sinha sense of humour

Source: instagram.com

Happy Birthday, Sonakshi! You truly are a star!

Much love,


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