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Should You Be Wearing Makeup to The Gym?

by Fashionlady
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Wearing Makeup to The Gym
So, should you be wearing makeup to the gym? Rather let me ask you, why should, in fact, you bother about your look during workout? I know that makeup works as a ‘feel good factor’ for most of the women and they don’t find it odd to exercise with a full face. But what about the damages caused to the skin by it?

Well, here are the reasons why you should ditch your makeup while visiting the gym:

You Don’t Want Your Pores to be Clogged

If you think that sweating is what clogs your pores during workout, think twice. When we -exercise, our body breaks a sweat and our skin pores open up. As a result, the sweat makes to the surface of the skin gradually and is discharged through the pores. Basically, sweating works as a steam facial that we can provide to our skin through workout and that too completely free of cost! But when you wear heavy makeup products like foundation, compact, concealer, etc to the gym, your skin pores remain covered by these. When you sweat during exercising, the blocked pores don’t allow it to release, thereby causing all sorts of bacteria and the debris of makeup products to be trapped inside. Result? Clogged pores.

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Acne and Breakouts Give You Nightmare

Again, don’t blame sweat for this as you already know how it helps in releasing the toxic materials accumulated inside our body. And I’m quite sure that you have also guessed why exactly you keep getting breakouts whenever you visit the gym with makeup. Yes, those bumps and zits popped up here and there on your skin are actually resulted from clogged pores, which are caused by nothing but your makeup. When you start sweating during workout and your pores get enlarged, the makeup products containing mica as well as micronized formulae seep into them making them clogged immediately. It leads to irritation and ends up breaking out your skin.


You Hate those Ugly Blackheads like Hell

Even if you are lucky enough not to get pimples by wearing makeup to the gym, don’t get too excited. You can always end up getting those tiny black evils on your face, which you hate like anything. Oh yes! I’m talking about blackheads and you already know how annoying they can be. But wait! The story is not over here. If you don’t give a damn and carry on showing your makeup love on the way to your gym, you may lose the even texture and natural glow of your skin too. Ouch!

Looking All Smudged and Streaky? No Way!

Please gals. It is not at all cute to look streaky while running on a treadmill right next to a super hot guy. So, why should you wear makeup to the gym by wasting your valuable time just to get blotchy foundation, runny mascara and smudged lipstick only after a few minutes? No matter whether you are using the best quality waterproof makeup or not, the end results are going to be the same always. And you definitely do not want it, eh?

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…Because Juice Cleansing is Quite Tricky

We all know that juice cleansing is one of the most popular detox methods that can keep our body free from toxins. But it is also quite tricky at the same time. You may not always feel so motivated that you survive only on juices for a considerable time. However, going to the gym without makeup can help you in your way to a great extent. Surprised? Well, the secret lies in sweating. As you work out, your body gets warmed up and you start to perspire, which actually takes all toxic materials along with it and releases through the pores. The entire mechanism works as a natural detox procedure, which is far simpler and easier than juice detox. You certainly can’t expect it while wearing makeup. Can you?

Your Skin Also Needs to Breathe

You may love to experiment with various makeup products and prefer to wear them all day long. But does your skin love it? Of course not! Like you need to breathe to keep your system going, your skin also needs to breathe to function properly. It is even more true during workout. But whenever you put on heavy synthetic cosmetics, the pores present on it get blocked and the sweat gets trapped inside them. It actually interferes with the breathing ability of the skin and leads to a dull, lifeless appearance over time.

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Finally, believe in your natural beauty. Hiding your flaws with loads of makeup is only a temporary solution. At the end of the day, it is you and your own skin that can make you super confident. So, just go bare-skinned and make the most of our workout.

Happy exercising!

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