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A Little Lift For The Face- Face Tape Works Wonders

by Fashionlady
A Little Lift For The Face- Face Tape Works Wonders

A Little Lift For The Face- Face Tape Works Wonders
There are millions of men and women who would like to have the blessings of eternal youthful looks; however, as we age, something which isn’t in our hands to stop – our face is one part of the body which shows the first signs. Ageing skin, fine lines, laugh lines, wrinkles et al- wish there was a way out to help save the face!

All hope is not lost

You don’t have to spend a bomb going under the knife for a facelift anymore- heard about face tape? Face tape can help with mini-face lifts, wrinkle and fine line destruction, and also in keeping the glow on your face.

Face tapes have been endorsed and used by famous powerful singers and celebrities- Lady Gaga and Cher to name a few. If you’ve been wondering how the divas manage to look so young and hot- at this age; here’s the secret!

All hope is not lost

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Too good to be true!

Most say face tape which promises an instant lift is ‘too good to be true’. However, when the tape is applied to the forehead- it pulls the skin upwards and brings about a very smooth appearance. Reviews for the same are a mix; results would differ from one to the next. If you know how to use branded face tapes well enough, your chances of being satisfied would be very high. Pharmacies across the globe sell face tapes over the counter, and along with the product there comes a manual to guide, so that you would have the best results to see.


Too good to be true

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Steps to use

  • Wash up well and ensure that your face is clean- no dirt, grime, oil or makeup remnants should be around or else the tape wouldn’t have the right grip to hold on to and would slide away.
  • Decide on the area where the tape would be applied. Focus on the loose skin to begin with, and pull it upwards so that you could see the areas to cover. Ideally, face tape should be placed quite close to your hairline. In doing so, no one would know of the face tape being used while you socialise around. Other places where face tape can be placed are the ear lobes (behind); helps keep the skin around the cheeks and the eyes safe and in shape.
  • Once you’ve applied the face tape; give it a firm press, but don’t be too hard. The attach string on the face tape should be wrapped behind your skull and hidden under your tresses.
  • Take the second piece now and focus on the other side; make adjustments as deemed fit. Pull the attached strings around the skull and hook the string with one another, under your tresses. The anchors are on the attached string and would cause no inconvenience at all.
  • Style your hair, but remember the strings that are beneath it. Let your hair hang loose, so that the strings aren’t noticeable.
  • Once done with the day or the night, come back home and peel off the face tape.
  • Wash your face with a mild face wash and moisturize your skin
instant face lift and neck lift

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We would suggest speaking to an expert before using face tape, should you have sensitive skin or troubled skin.

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