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A Sneak Peak Into The Wonders Of Dermabrasion Revealed!

by Fashionlady
Dermabrasion for women


If you didn’t know what dermabrasion was about, here is your chance to know it all. The dermabrasion treatment is basically a technique that helps with exfoliation of the skin. A rotating instrument is used which removes the outer layers of the skin, especially on the face. This is why dermabrasion surgery has become very popular amongst those who want skin improvement and also to reduce sun damage, fine lines, visible skin spots and uneven tones on the skin.

Only Certified Professionals

Please note, no matter how famous the brand or the salon may be, you should only have the dermabrasion treatment done under the guided hands of a LICENSED skin aesthetician. Mostly done at the clinic of a skin specialist or a dermatologist, the skin would be numbed first with the help of anaesthesia and then the outermost layers of the skin would be removed. The process is a non-invasive one and doesn’t need you to stay overnight at the clinic.

Skin dermabrasion

Can It Be Done At Home?

In this day and age, skin dermabrasion, facial dermabrasion, dermabrasion for acne scars, etc., can be done at home using over-the-counter devices. However, these are devices that only help clean and remove the dead skin cells of the skin, and the results are not as great as what the professional hands and treatments can do for you.

Facial dermabrasion

Why Opt For Dermabrasion?

With dermabrasion, the damaged outer layer of the skin would be removed, and the new layer of the skin would be exposed; leaving you with a smoother and younger looking skin. There are clients that opt for dermabrasion procedure to help reduce acne and ageing signs, fine wrinkles and skin patches, redness and thick skin, rhinophyma and more as well. In some clinics, patients walk in with scars from surgery or injuries, precarious sun damage and even with an uneven skin tone – dermabrasion before and after done on them are outstanding to see.

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Dermabrasion for acne scars

Talk To The Specialist About Side-Effects

Rare, but they do happen sometimes. There are minimal side-effects with dermabrasion scar removal, dermabrasion surgery, laser dermabrasion, etc., that can happen when done by untrained hands.

While the procedure happens, you would have a certain type of anaesthesia administered to you, and this would depend on the extent of the treatment as well. Though the anaesthesia would be local it will sedate you.


Dermabrasion procedure

The assistant would hold the skin and the dermabrader would be held by the skin doctor and applied across the surface of the skin. The small motorized devices’ soft rough surface would help with the cleaning and exfoliation.

If the skin patch is large to work on, a circular brader would be used and a tip would be used for the patches that are small. More than one sitting would be needed for the dermabrasion scar removal, dermabrasion surgery, laser dermabrasion techniques, and once done, the doctor would tell you how to care for the skin at home and when to change your dressings too. They would also inform you about which products are to be used.

Dermabrasion scar removal


Talking about risks with dermabrasion surgery, here is what you may experience.

  • Breakouts and acne eruptions
  • Skin tone change
  • Temporary pore enlargement
  • Skin redness
  • Skin swelling
  • Skin rash
  • Skin sensitivity under the sun

All of these risks are temporary and would be off for good after two weeks, so there is nothing to be worried about as such. Just ensure that when you get the dermabrasion scar removal done, you follow the advice of the doctor and every single detail to ensure that all the precautions are taken.

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