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Airbrush Makeup: FAQs For The Beginners

by Fashionlady
Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup
It’s a no-brainer that airbrush makeup works on the theory of air pressure, however, before you get started to dolling up someone; practicing with water makes sense. This would help you acclimatise the motor skills and settings, and you’d learn a little more on the airbrush compressor features along with the gun too.

Points to remember

  • Prior to applying makeup using a gun, your hair needs to be tied, you don’t want it to be coloured with makeup, now do you?
  • Your wrist and hand needs to be firm and steady when using the spray
  • Follow the air pressure as released by the gun. You’d know when to start and stop
  • Your hands should constantly be in motion using the airbrush gun, or else too much colour would settle on one part of the face; ignoring the other areas. This would make the face look patchy!
  • For highlighting, the hand should move from inwards to outwards
  • For a tanned look or a concentrated look, the brush should be closer to the skin, not otherwise. Distance of the brush from the face should be borne in mind
  • The spraying technique should be uniform, so that every inch of the face is evened out and touched
  • Focus on the neck as well; a painted face and a rough look on the neck isn’t pleasing
  • Check the brushes which come with the kit. Different sizes for different strokes are to be used
  • Short brushes are used to hide spots and blemishes
  • Sponges are used to conceal
  • The eyes of the model should be closed at all times. Her face should be relaxed for the best results sans wrinkles and creases
  • Clean the airbrush after every use. A little care for the product would go a long way. Traces of makeup and dirty brushes would lead to clogging
Makeup for Airbrush

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Airbrush for foundation

  • Choose a shade that is closest to your skin tone; if required, combine one or two and bring it to a closest shade
  • The airbrush should be held at 6inches from the face when the foundation is being sprayed
  • Your hands should move in circles, which wouldn’t allow unnecessary concentration of makeup on one part of the face
Airbrush for foundation

Source: wordpress.com

Airbrush for the eyes and the lips

  • Use an eye shield (available in all kits) when colouring your lip edge and lower lids
  • Use a 2 inch distance to cover the lip and eyelids using the airbrush
  • Blend colours for the eyelids, should you be using more than just one shade to doll the eyes


Airbrush for the eyes and the lips

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Airbrush for the blush

  • Choose a shade which would be closest to your skin tone
  • The airbrush should be held at a distance of 4 inches from the temple; spraying should start from the temple and all the way down to the jawline
  • While moving the airbrush, it is advised to smile and to move in circles – the cheeks would hold onto the blush much stronger in doing so
Airbrush for the blush

Source: annemariemitchell.com

Airbrush to hide spots and blemishes

  • Everyone would want this for sure;
  • Choose a foundation that you would use everyday
  • Grab hold of the airbrush and close in onto the face; press the knob very lightly on the airbrush and allow a little colour to dispense
  • Follow the method as mentioned on applying foundation on the face
Airbrush to hide spots and blemishes

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We crave for perfection and look for options that are affordable as well. Airbrush makeup is the answer for you; seamless and smooth diva looks are now possible.

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