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The What – Why – When – Where And How Of Makeup Primer

by Fashionlady
Makeup Primer

Makeup Primer
Primer makeup- why should we use it? Have you found an answer for the same? We guess not! Primer makeup as we put it is the most ‘misunderstood’ item in the kit- most women wouldn’t know why a tube of it stays in the box. We are here to help you answer the what, why, how, when, where et al, with regard to primer makeup. The item is necessary to have; don’t be surprised, you’d have to read on to know more about the magic of primer makeup. Let’s begin, shall we?

Primer for various reasons

1. For dull and lifeless skin- pink primers are best to use- brings a healthy glow to the face. You could also opt for lilac, should your skin be sallow. To neutralize the redness on the skin, experts advice the use of green formulas- physician formulas should be used according to instructions only!

Primer for various reasons

Source: collegefashion.net

2. Coating the face with makeup primer isn’t advised- less is always more with this makeup item. Overloading on primer would make the face look cakey- use a small tiny drop and rub it gently on the skin to have good coverage, that’s it.

3. Let your eyes do the talking with makeup primer- gently pat the lids and areas around the eyes – the three-in-one effect would be marvelous and your makeup wouldn’t crease or smudge as well. Oils on the face would be absorbed, and Crows Feet or redness would be gone too.

eyes do the talking with makeup primer

Source: muchmorethanmakeup.com

4. Love them thick and long- your eyelashes we mean! Yes, the makeup primer would help you attain long and thick lashes- wear it under the mascara you use regularly. Thanks to the Vitamin E in makeup primer, the eyes would have an intense look for sure and the glycerine in it would act as a conditioner for the eyelashes. Sooth your eyes with makeup primer, just two coats would help doll the lovely eyes up.


Source: thehairpin.com

5. A little primer for the lip didn’t kill- lipstick wouldn’t crease or feather and there wouldn’t be any lines post application as well.



Source: beautylish.co

6. Powder finishes bring on the diva look- start with a primer, move on to liquid foundation and end with the translucent powder for the ‘sexy finish’. There wouldn’t be a hint of ‘dusting powder’ shown- the water content in the makeup you use would repel the silicone traces- your makeup wouldn’t smudge!

7. Décolletage with primer makeup; yes, you read that right! We spoke about primer makeup for the eyes, the lips, the cheeks and the lashes- the magical item works wonders for other areas as well, thanks to the presence of silicones in it. If fine facial lines need filling and you do not wish to use makeup- primer to the rescue.

Makeup Primer

Source: greylikesweddings.com

8. Primer can be used for the chest, the hands and the neck as well- how else do you think Naomi Campbell flaunts those long legs or Tyra Banks shows off her cleavage?

9. Primer makeup is one of the items which when used independently or with another product can make you look younger than your real age.

whats your favorite makeup primer

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We hope you’ve learnt a big lesson today, since we have now told you everything about (almost) the importance of primer makeup! Stay lovely and gorgeous all day long- don’t forget the primer though!

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