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Face Mapping: A Facial Spot Map That Reveal About Your Health

by Fashionlady
Face Mapping

Face Mapping
It is said that our eyes are our window to our soul. Going by this logic, we are assuming it would be safe to say that our face is perhaps a hallway to our health. Right from understanding the sudden outbreak of spots on our face to finding what’s plaguing our body, our face has the power to reveal this and so much more. This fine concept of peeking into your health is called face mapping.

Intrigued already?

Fashion Lady takes you behind the concept of facial mapping, how it works, and how to diagnose breakouts on different areas of your face!

Exploring the Concept of Face Mapping

Commonly referred as a definitive concept of face mapping, it is a Chinese Ayurvedic medicine, which treats face as a road-map to pinpoint underlying issues in other parts of your body. For instance, this method can help you in identifying why those pesky breakouts happen in the middle of your nose, thus helping you to detect that specific area of your body part linked to your nose, which might have led to such a breakout.

Face Mapping Spots

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How Face Mapping Works

Face mapping works on the very concept that the skin on your face is directly linked to your health. Our body essentially is made up of many different department, such as lympathic, neurological, and digestive system, to name a few. And every department is in some way or the other linked to one another. It is here that a concept like face mapping helps in verifying what exactly is going on inside your body and how your body operates as a whole.


Facial Spot Map

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Face Mapping Diagnoses Breakouts on Different Areas of Your Face

  1. Zones 1 & 3: The Digestive System. This zone is linked to your digestive system. Directly translating to the fact that whatever you eat, however healthy or unhealthy, it has a direct link to breakouts on your forehead. In order to manage such breakouts, intake a healthy diet, which is rich in antioxidants, plenty of water and green leafy vegetables.
  2. Zone 2: Liver. Zone 2 is majorly linked to excessive consumption of alcohol and dairy. It also means that you might be allergic to sudden food items, which you aren’t aware of. You do need to consult your doctor in case of detecting such unknown allergies.
  3. Zones 4, 6, 8 and 10: Kidneys. Here, the breakouts under your eye and near your ear are mostly caused because of dehydration. To stay away from kidney-related breakouts, we recommend, drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water in a day, and avoiding coffee, tea and salt whenever possible.
  4. Zone 7: Heart. Resultant of ‘bad’ fats in your body, if the tip of your nose suffers from breakout, then you need to keep your blood pressure level normal by adding more of fruits, vegetables, nuts and Omega-rich fish in your diet.
  5. Zones 5 & 9: Respiratory system. Smokers are mostly seen with a lot of breakouts on the right and left top of their cheeks. Make sure you are cutting down on cigarettes and getting enough of fresh air and long regular walks, in order to maintain your complexion.
  6. Zone 11 & 13: Hormones. A key sign of stress and hormonal imbalances, women are strongly advised to eat clean by in-taking a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables, along with plenty of water, to keep the lines, wrinkles and breakouts on 11 and 13 number zones away.
  7. Zone 12: Stomach. If you are experiencing breakouts in zone #12, then straight away cut down on your fat-laden food intake and consider going on a detox for a few days. Add more of fibre to your diet by adopting a healthy lifestyle in your diet.
  8. Zone 14: Illness. Spots on zone number 14 can directly indicate that your body is going to face some sort of health imbalance. This means that your body is trying to fight off bacteria and you should be forewarned as you might suffer from mild fever or cough to begin with.
Face Mapping Zones

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