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Alia or Ileana – Who Did The Denim Jacket Style Better?

by Fashionlady
Bollywood Denims Style

Alia Bhatt and Ileana

One style that every “it” girl flaunts is the stylish denim jacket. It surely is the perfect layer for any style and it undoubtedly oozes trendy vibes. Adopting this trend as an ideal piece of their closet were two beautiful Bollywood divas, Alia Bhatt and Ileana D’Cruz.

So, ladies, you know the drill, give the divas styles a quick glance and let us know which diva has wooed you the most.

Alia Bhatt

Sweet and adorable was Alia Bhatt at a recent birthday bash in a cream colored Compte Officiel flowing dress. She layered it with an oversized jean jacket from the same label to match the subtle blue highlights on the outfit and we instantly fell in love with the look. Powder blue Aldo shoes rounded her ensemble smooth and easy. Softly brushed hair and glowing makeup closed her beauty game. That jean jacket is surely making its way into our closet! What about you?

Alia Bhatt

Ileana D’Cruz

Unlike Alia’s plain jean style, Ileana chose to add a splash of color with her graphic denim jacket. Ileana added a frayed denim jacket to Zara separates in black and white and left us puzzled with her charm. She balanced the color mix with tan colored H&M shoes. She matched Trabea earrings that she adorned with the graphic embroidery on her sleeve. That’s one hell of a mix of hues and we are impressed.


Ileana D’Cruz

Versatility is what made the denim jacket a timeless piece in the world of fashion and we are thoroughly inspired by the Bollywood ladies choice of styling with it.

Which style would you opt this season?

Images Source: instagram

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