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Aloe Vera Benefits: The Answer to Hair Loss

by Fashionlady


Healthy and shiny hair is every woman’s dream. While we keep complaining our genes for bad hair, it’s actually our fault not to focus on the key factors that are crucial in obtaining thick and bouncy hair.

Instead of spending big bucks on expensive spa and hair products which claim to enable you with strong and beautiful strands; it’s time you dumped all those synthetic products and started using some natural hair caring ingredients without foreseeing any damage.

Now as we talk about hair care natural products, the first thing that comes to mind is aloe vera.

Benefits of aloe vera for hair

Aloe Vera has numerous benefits, which are capable of giving back life to the dying strands. If you’re dealing with thin hair because of profuse hair loss then aloe vera comes to your rescue.

Aloe Vera contains several healthy nutrients which moisturizes your locks thereby saving it from dryness and frizziness. It is even capable of fighting with itchiness and flakes. Those, who have dandruff issues because of dry hair, they should frequently use this plant extract to prevent further damage.

Because of its extremely soothing and healing qualities, it even repairs the damage done to the hair because of all those chemically infused hair dyes and shampoos you’ve been using for years now.

When we are suggesting you to apply aloe vera, we mean 100% natural. Read on find out how to use aloe vera on hair!


DIY aloe vera product

Things required – Aloe plant, knife, bowl, strainer and blender

Follow these steps –

#Step 1

Cut a few leaves from the plant which are close to the base of the stalk. If you’ve long hair then you’ll need 3-4 leaves and if you’ve short hair then 1-2 will be enough.

After your first session, you will eventually know the accurate quantity for your hair.

#Step 2

Now scrape the inside of the leaves so as to remove the jelly-like moist substance. Collect this jelly thing in a bowl. Make sure you collect everything from the leaves except for the skin.

Now pour this blend into the bowl and use a strainer to remove any coarse substance so as to use only the smooth portion.

#Step 5

Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and then rub your scalp and roots with aloe vera mixture. I don’t think if you require any synthetic conditioner after applying this blend.

#Step 6

Since it has moisturizing effects, leave the hair for five minutes allowing it to work on your roots and tips. And if you think the time duration is too much then you can either indulge in pedicure or just shave off your legs and underarms.

#Step 7

Now rinse off and air dry your wet hair and feel the difference afterwards.

Try using aloe vera extract every weekend to make your hair grow stronger and healthier.

Hope this article on aloe vera benefits helps!

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