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Argan Oil Allergy: The Liquid Gold May Not Be Always Safe For People With Tree Nut Allergy

by Fashionlady
argan oil allergy

argan oil nut allergy

Argan oil is great for hair, for your skin. No wonder it is being dubbed as liquid gold. Argan Oil health benefits are so many that people are often ignoring the fact that before going all out on this particular oil, you should check whether you have allergies of any kind. The health properties of Argan Oil are immense, but doctors have recently found out that it may not be that good for a certain set of people. In this article, we are talking about whether argan oil allergy is a real thing or not and how would you ascertain whether you are allergic. Read on to know more:

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Argan Oil Nut Allergy

Liquid Gold AKA Argan Oil is great, but out of the many people that have benefited from all the argan oil health benefits, there are some who have complained of rashes and itchy, red spots and blotches on their skin. So what has caused this? Scientists have researched more on what caused people to react this way and in the majority of the cases, it was found that argan oil nut allergy is a thing and most of these people have a nut allergy.

nut allergy of argan oil

Source: australianallergycentre.com.au

Argan oil, as we know, is derived from the nuts of Argania Spinosa. This is a native desert tree that is found exclusively in Morocco. The fruit of this particular tree, often known as the “argan nuts” are tree nuts. The oil which is obtained from these nuts is then cold-pressed to extract the oil. Now, in the cold-press method, there is more possibility for the allergenic protein. Argan oil is biological oil but even then several people who have used these have complained about rashes and breakouts on the back of their neck and scalp after using the oil.

health properties of argan oil

Source: completehealthnews.com

What Does Argan Oil Allergy Look Like?

If you have a tree nut allergy, then it is important that you test the argan oil on some parts of the skin before extensively using it. There are many reports of Argan Oil allergy which looks like contact dermatitis. Though the research done till now is not that conducive, scientists are still warning people with nut allergies to practice caution before incorporating Argan Oil into their haircare or skincare regime.

When you first use argan oil and your skin or scalp does not agree to it, you will see that your skin will break out and there would be rashes on your body in the proximity of where you applied the oil. So if you are using it on your hair, there might be small rashes, breakouts or acne on your skin. In the beginning, you may feel like ignoring it, but in the long run, it may become quite problematic. Small bumps which are painful and may look like pimples-these are the sure-shot symptoms of nut allergy, and especially from those which you may be using on your skin or hair.

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argan oil health benefits

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How Can You Cure Argan Oil Allergy?

For starters, stop applying the oil! But if you are already too late and the allergy seems to be spreading, you will have to see a doctor. What might look like tiny pimples or acne may take an even scarier form and you will be scarred for life, literally!

Most patients who get nut allergies complain that the acne that develops usually does not have a head and remains like that for a pretty long time. But with the right combination of drugs or medicines, you can get rid of them. But remember, at the very first instance, go and see a doctor! Don’t let the allergy spread!

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