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Argan Oil For Damaged Hair: Transform Your Hair From Damaged To Shiny

by Fashionlady
Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Argan Oil For Damaged Hair

One revolutionary item that is changing the way our hair looks is Argan oil. Touted as liquid gold, this oil is completely revolutionizing hair care. This very precious oil is obtained from the Argan nut which is found exclusively in Morocco and now is being exported in various forms to India. The oil has fatty acids and nutrients which are three times more than the commonly used oils like olive oil and almond oil. Its properties have made them so famous that people, including celebrities, now only believe in Argan oil hair treatment benefits.


Argan oil because of its properties can make hair look and feel much softer. It is the ideal hair conditioner and can be used before or after shampoo too. All you need to do is use it religiously and you will see the difference in less than two weeks.

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Argan Oil For Damaged Hair

When your hair is extremely damaged, Argan oil hair treatment can prove to be beneficial because it can help heal all the damage. Once you apply Argan oil, you will see that the hair shafts are coated with this thick oil and over time, the damage is considerably reduced. There are many benefits of Argan oil for hair and it can even be used as argan oil for hair loss.

Argan Oil For Hair Loss

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How To Use Argan Oil For Damaged Hair?

Argan oil for damaged hair can be used in the form of oil that is available and can also be used in its various derivatives. As we mentioned before, Argan oil derivatives now include shampoos, oils, conditioners and serums. All of these in conjunction can help to make your hair look so much better!

Use Argan Oil As A Leave-In Conditioner

Argan oil does not just make good oil, but when used as a leave-in conditioner, you will see that your hair looks sleeker and shinier. If you use it for a long time, you will see that Argan Oil will have many beneficial effects on your hair. It will not only look sleeker and shinier, but your hair will also feel much softer and with those who have really frizzy hair, it becomes much easier to maintain hair which is softer and more manageable.

What makes Argan Oil a great leave-in conditioner is a fact that it is extremely light and can be absorbed by the hair very quickly. It does not make the hair stringy or clumpy and when used in the right quantities, it will also not leave the hair heavy.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment Benefits

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Is Argan Oil An Expensive Bet?

Well, if it is one of the most coveted oils in the market right now, it is natural that it will be a little bit expensive, but the good news is, even if you buy one bottle of Argan Oil, you will need to use very little of it and so, for someone who has medium-length hair, using a few drops every day will be enough for them to last for at least six months. This is a very good investment!

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Benefits Of Argan Oil For Hair

The Million Dollar Question: Should We Use Pure Argan Oil?

As we already mentioned, Argan Oil is available in the form of oil and also in the form of various derivatives including shampoos, conditioners, serums, and styling agents. It’s not necessary that you only have to use Argan oil as Oil; you can use it in all these forms and choose the one which suits you the best. 100% Argan oil is extremely beneficial, but it is also a little more expensive, so you can choose the other forms too! All of them are equally good!

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