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Argan Oil Treatment Benefits: Argan Oil Through History

by Fashionlady
Argan Oil Treatment Benefits

Argan Oil Treatment Benefits

The beauty industry is always expanding. Every other day we hear about a revolutionary product which completely changes the way you look. Argan oil is one such product which entered the market recently but has taken the market by a storm. Argan oil treatment benefits are cited by beauticians all over the world. The oil is highly coveted and is now being used for a variety of reasons. In this article, we will answer this question and also talk about Argan Oil beauty Treatments. Read on to know more!

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What Are The Beauty Uses Of Argan Oil?

Beauty uses of Argan oil are now so popular that it is now being cited as liquid gold! So, before going in detail about the oil’s beauty uses, lets first see what exactly is this Argan oil and why is it so in demand?

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is multipurpose oil which can be used for your skin as well as your hair to improve its texture and quality. It is obtained from the nuts of the Argan tree which is only found in Morocco. In any product that uses Argan oil, it has to be brought from Morocco, which is one reason why Argan Oil is expensive. The Argan tree lives up to be 150-200 years but the seeds are formed only once in 50 years. As such, Argan oil is extremely rare too!

Beauty Uses Of Argan Oil

Source: brambleberry.com

The Argan tree or Argania Spinosa before was found in many areas over the North African continent. But now due to deforestation, the tree’s growth has been restricted to only a small part of Mexico.

Source: wordpress.com

Source: wordpress.com

How is Argan Oil Made?

The process of making Argan Oil has changed over the century and now the nuts are harvested by local women who will crack them to get to the pits. The kernels from the pits are then cold pressed to get the oil from them. This process takes quite some time and needs around 32kg of the fruit to make a single litre of oil. You can now imagine why the prices of Argan Oil are sky high!

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Uses Of Argan Oil For Face

Source: beautylookmagazine.com

Argan Oil Treatment Benefits

What is it that makes Argan Oil so useful for us? Well, the best thing about buying an expensive bottle of Argan oil is that you can have uses of Argan Oil for face and uses of Argan oil for hair too! It is multipurpose, as we mentioned before and many people have seen that it has many benefits. Here are some of the reasons why people are going crazy over liquid gold:

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Argan Oil Good For Wrinkles

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Is Argan Oil Good For Wrinkles? The answer is yes! Regular application of Argan oil has shown to have significant change in the way your wrinkles disappear. The oil’s non-sticky formula is amazing to banish wrinkles. The anti-oxidants in Argan Oil are beneficial for healing the skin and keeping it supple and healthy. Here is a before and after picture which shows how drastically Argan oil can change the way you look.

Argan Oil For Wrinkles

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Argan Oil As a Moisturizer: The best thing about Argan Oil is that is gets absorbed by the skin very quickly and gives it a wonderful texture. When you apply Argan Oil to your skin, there will not be any oily residue left behind. Before sleeping at night, simply cleanse your skin and use it as you would use a moisturizer. Apply very little because this too will be absorbed by the skin very quickly.

Uses Of Argan Oil For Hair

Source: arganultra.com

Though Argan oil may not be that easy to find in the market, buying one bottle will suffice for a long time. So you can invest in one good bottle and see your skin and hair transform.

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