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Miraculous Organic Argan Oil Benefits

by Fashionlady
Argan Oil Benefits

Organic Argan oil Benefits

Argan oil came to the market with a bang and months after its advent, it is still a rave! So what is it the makes Argan oil one of the most popular oils and also the most beneficial? Well, most people call it liquid gold because of the umpteen numbers of Argan oil benefits. It is good for the skin, it is good for hair and you can even use it for your face. Now who wouldn’t want oil that is this good! In this article we will talk about all the organic Argan oil benefits and how it can transform our skin.

Organic Argan Oil Benefits

When we say organic Argan oil, it means that this Argan oil is in its purest form. Organic Argan Oil Benefits are even more than its counterpart found in the market, but the only glitch is, the purest form of Argan oil is actually a little hard to find. But we do have good news for you, the Argan oil found in the market is just as good! So you don’t really have to buy the purest of the pure and burn a hole in your pocket!

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Argan oil benefits for hair

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How Do We Get Argan Oil?

Argan oil is in fact very rare and precious oil. Argan oil is obtained from the nut of the fruit from the Argan tree. The reason Argan Oil is so expensive is because the tree is only available in Morocco and the nuts and the oil is brought in or imported from Morocco. The Argan trees live to be about 150 to 200 years old but they do not start producing fruit until they are between 30 and 50 years old. Since the Argan tree is sourced from a very limited area and it actually takes long to get the oil, it is considered quite rare and hence the price.

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is Argan oil good for skin

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Argan Oil Benefits For Hair:

Leave in Conditioner: One bottle of Argan Oil can double up as so many things! One most common use of Argan Oil for Hair is using it as a leave in conditioner. The non-greasy and light formula of the oil makes it a perfect candidate for a leave-in conditioner. It makes styling a lot easier and tames down the frizzy hair in a jiffy. Also, just a small quantity of Argan Oil is enough for medium length hair. Rest assured, your Argan Oil is going to last for a really long time.


Just after your regular shampoo and conditioning routine, rub some Argan oil all over the ends of your hair for s shiny and sleek look.

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Argan oil benefit for hair

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For Split Ends: Argan oil also works perfectly well for split ends. So if you want to get rid of those pesky split ends, start using Argan Oil on a regular basis. Please keep in mind that you can’t get rid of Split Ends with Argan oil. Argan oil can only prevent your hair form having more split ends. To remove the split ends completely, you will have to snip off those ends.

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benefits of Argan Oil

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Argan Oil Benefits For Skin:

We have successfully answered your question of Is Argan Oil good for skin? Yes it is! In fact, it is one of the only oils which can both be used for hair, body and face! Here are some of the
Argan oil benefits for face:

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Argan oil for face

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Argan oil is amazing oil and in case you haven’t bought it yet, we suggest you get one as soon as possible!

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