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Top Baby Shower Gifts To Pamper Every Mom-To-Be

by Fashionlady
Baby Shower Gifts for cute baby

Hurray! Your BFF is soon going to make a new addition to her family. The to-be mama must be glowing all pink with pride. It is the most anticipated event of her life, after all. Which makes it the ideal time to pamper her with some super desirable baby shower gifts.

Baby Shower Gifts

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Don’t fret thinking about the perfect gifting option. Just go ahead and check out this post.

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas:

Picking the perfect baby shower gift can be a tough thing to do. However, by now you must be having an idea of the expecting mother’s likes and favorites. So, if you want something unique, something different, and something great for her, you have come to the right page.

1. Soothing Musical Toys For The Infant:

Would-be parents surely have an idea of the sleepless nights they will be spending after their baby arrives – which means less sleep for the next few years. What they need is a quick go-to item, which can help the newborn sleep. Any of the items below can be wonderful baby gift ideas.

Baby gift ideas

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2. Duo Diary:

It is tough for a mom who has just–delivered (the first time or the nth time) to take care of herself. Her baby is her utmost priority. The Duo Diary (duo means ‘two’) is a great help in such a case –

  • It helps a new mom keep a track of her postpartum health and wellness
  • It helps the new mom make a note of the critical steps of baby care.

So this is one of the most useful baby shower gift ideas, as one side of the diary helps the mommy monitor her baby’s feedings – this includes breastfeeding, bottle cleaning, and sterilization, pumping; digestion, sleep patterns, diaper changes, etc.

The other side of the diary is dedicated to HER. There is a food journal; a tracking down of water intake, sleep and exercise. Plus, there are notes she can make on how she is feeling postpartum – both mentally and physically. This is one of the simplest and unique baby shower gifts to give any expectant mom whether it is her first baby or third.

Unique baby shower gifts

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3. Baby Banana Training Toothbrush:

This 2-pack Baby Banana bendable training toothbrush for infants is made of 100% food-grade, soft and bendable silicone. BPA, latex, phthalate, and alcohol-free, this toothbrush comes with “Peel” Handles, which are easy to grip and prevent choking. The massaging bristles of this training toothbrush soothe sore teething gums.

In short, this is the best teething toy that promotes and helps oral hygiene! Isn’t it one of the best baby shower gifts?

Best baby shower gifts

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4. Non-Contact Thermometer:

A must-have in every infant’s medical kit, to avoid waking up the little one for checking her body temperature. The OCCObaby Clinical Forehead Baby Thermometer – 2018 Edition comes with a ‘Fever Alert’ system in four colors. You get an instant temperature reading in silent mode, is backlit and does not need you to touch it, wake up or upset your baby. It accurately monitors your baby’s fever as often as you like. Moreover, it is recommended by doctors and is FDA approved. Certainly, it is one of the most useful baby shower gift ideas.

Baby shower gift ideas

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5. Gentle Nail Trimmer:

Trimming the newborn’s nails seems a nightmare to every new parent. Worry not, there is Zoli’s Electric Nail Trimmer for the little one. It safely files your little one’s fingernails through its cushioned pads without doing any damage to her delicate skin. It is one of the handiest baby shower gift ideas.

Baby shower gift ideas for baby

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6. Water Bottle:

Aww…the new mommy needs to keep herself hydrated, summers or no summers. A super cute water bottle will remind her to sip through the whole day. Intake of fluid will help her nurse her baby better.

Baby gifts

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8. Wrap:

Call it a ‘Baby-wrap’ or sling! It means the new mamma will be cuddling and holding the newborn close to her body and taking him/her around while keeping her hands free. It’s a kind of a safety guard for the infant. Mumma knows best, right?


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9. ToteSavvy:

Baby bag or nappy bag? Both. This is one of the most popular baby gift ideas. The best thing about it is that it saves you the cost of buying a separate nappy bag. You just need to change your savvy bag (sorry, ToteSavvy bag) to match your mood or your outfit. The baby will be surprised at your creative skills from his early days, ha ha….

One more advantage…the ToteSavvy bag is dad-friendly too and slips neatly inside a backpack. It comes with an insulated bottle pocket, a phone pocket, among other things.

Baby gift idea

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Check out this video before you finalize the gift idea.

10. Stroller Organizer:

At times, you need everything within arm’s reach – whether it is a water bottle, mobile phone, house keys, teething toy, pacifier, etc.

A stroller organizer keeps all your must-haves handy. This thoughtful design comes with separate zippered pouches – there is a deep insulated cup/bottle holder, the main compartment (covered) with bonus zippered mesh pocket on top, three additional mesh pockets and a huge foldable mesh pocket to store diapers, clothing, and toys. Isn’t it one of the coolest baby gift ideas?

Stroller Organizer For Baby

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11. Nursing Cover:

The beauty of this nursing cover is that it has multiple uses. Apart from using it as a baby nursing cover, one can use it as a shopping cart cover, infinity scarf for the mom, baby car seat cover, canopy, high chair cover…OMG! This all-in-one gift is one of the best baby shower gifts which is breathable and stretchable.

Nursing Cover For Baby

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12. Knit Bunny Hat:

Cuteness overloaded! Yeah, this darling knit hat makes for one of the most adorable baby shower gift ideas.

Knit Bunny Hat For Baby

Source: buzzworthy.com

So which of these baby shower gifts made you go awww? Write and tell us in the comment box below.

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