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Bar Soap Vs Body Wash – What To Use?

by Fashionlady
Body Wash or Soap

Bar Soap vs Body Wash

Bar soaps have been used for decades on end, whilst the concept of body wash is relatively new. If you’re reading this article, you’re in the same dilemma as many others: body wash or soap, which one is better? Nowadays, many opt for a bottle of body wash instead of bar soaps. And it is just frustrating not knowing what to do! Should I Use Soap or stick to body wash? What is the purpose of body wash? So many questions, but no proper answers. You don’t want to leave the original bar soap, but you want to try out what everyone else is.

What is the purpose of body wash

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Body Wash Or Soap

We’re here to help extinguish all your doubts. So read on to find out who will prevail in this fight of body wash or soap

1. Body Hygiene

Most people discontinue their loyalty towards a bar soap because they feel that it gets dirty with frequent use and when other family members use the same bar. Not true! In fact, a soap self-cleans itself and washing yourself with the same bar of soap as the rest of your family will not transfer any germs or bacteria! This has been proved and tested.

when to use body soap

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However, scientists still say that body wash is more hygienic. Why? Well, a disadvantage a bar soap has is that it can get contaminated if kept in still water.
So in the category of hygiene, the point goes to body wash.

Points: Bar Soap: 0, Body Wash: 1

2. Environmental Effects

Bar soap can be sold without added water, has nominal packaging requirement and can be transported in a condensed manner (hence less transportation costs and a relatively good carbon footprint). So it has hardly any negative effect on the environment!

On the other hand, body wash has plenty of adversities when it comes to its effect on mother nature. It comes packaged in plastic bottles, hence is disposed off in oceans or landfills. Also, the packaging of a body wash is rather cumbersome and thus transporting it costs more. Plus, you are literally paying for water as a body wash has a good quantity of water present in it.
So here the point goes to Bar soap. Ping!


Points– Bar Soap: 1, Body Wash: 1

when to use body wash

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3. Moisturizing

A bar of soap has a strong pH value (roughly about 9 or 10) and this causes the skin to dry out more. Although, experts have figured that to maintain skin moisture one can simply add on a moisturizer to their bathing routine, along with a bar soap. Even more, in today’s time most soap manufacturing companies have started altering their formulas to help incorporate the moisture and a few companies have managed to make soaps with a pH between 5.5 to 7. Thus, trying searching for formulas that contain hydrating oils like sunflower seed oil and olive oil.
Speaking of body wash, it already has a well maintained pH level at about 5, hence keeps the skin supple. This infers that body wash has already reached what a bar of soap is trying to.
Obviously, another point for body wash!

Points– Bar Soap: 1, Body Wash: 2

Should I Use Soap, Body Wash

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4. Cost

To understand which product is less expensive, pick up a bar soap and a body wash that have been manufactured by the same brand. Compare the prices of both and you’ll come to know that the bar of soap has its leverage. See it for yourself!

Now, statistically speaking bathing using a bar of soap will cost around INR 0.82 per wash.

Uses of body wash or soap

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After reading all the points mentioned, maybe all your concerns regarding which is more beneficial bar soap or body wash are diminished. But, you’re probably still wondering when to use body wash and when to use body soap? Well, many body care and sanitation bloggers suggest to use body wash in the dry and dull months, like autumn and winter. And use soap in the warmer and sweatier months, along with a moisturizer if needed, for example during the spring and summer seasons. But these are only suggestions.

Whereas, in the war of bar soap and body wash, both win equally and they will continue to do so. So, choose either and remain healthy!

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Tabitha1950 September 6, 2017 - 3:32 am

I always get grossed out about the possible germs still on the bar when I have to use bar soap. I switched to body wash and love Molton Brown’s body wash from b-glowing especially the coco & sandalwood scent!


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