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Beauty Products You Should Never-Ever Share!

by Fashionlady
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But if are thinking about asking her to share it, stop and re-consider. Although considered a harmless act, it is not a wise thing to do! No we are not talking about minding your manners, but rather imposing on impending health related troubles you could be inviting! Why? Mostly because swapping makeup products may mean trading germs, as most dermatologists put it.

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Making Makeup

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If you do not share your toothbrush or loofah, why share your makeup! It’s simple as that. So, before you open your bag to someone to boast your possessions of best beauty products 2016, take note of tools or cosmetics you should never share:


You could be in awe of the coloured mascaras and may consider switching shades from time to time with your BFF to enjoy the experimenting in an economic way. But did you consider you could be ruining your eye health in the process. Swapping eye makeup could result in inflammation in the eye, rashes, itching or even stye! Wondering, why?

mascara tips

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Any damp surface helps breeding and multiplication of bacteria pretty quick, and the moist eye membrane is like best entrance for bacteria. Eyes do not have layers of epidermis like skin and thus is all the more vulnerable for easy transmission of infections. What worsens the condition further is if you wear contact lenses, in that case the bacteria or germs get trapped beneath it and are almost impossible to wash off.


Lip Balm Or Lipsticks

Ideally, you shouldn’t really be sharing any of these. It might just be that your friend carries some contagious virus that causes cold sores or itchiness; even if the infection does not show any visible results on her it might show its effects on you! Lips are sensitive organ replete with extensive blood vessels and whatever you apply there may travel to your bloodstream through the membranes of your mouth. Moreover, bacteria can breed on lipstick for days owing to its waxy surface.

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Lip Balm or Lipsticks

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Lip Gloss

The gummy and sticky formula of the gloss is the perfect place for bacteria to breed in. Also, you’re pushing back air from your mouth into the tube every time you (and others) reapply it. Even if we keep the more serious diseases aside, this practice may cause spreading of bacteria that cause fever, cold and cough. That cannot be any good.

Lip Gloss

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Creams, Lotions Or Skin Serums That Come In Pots


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Pressed Foundation

Although it is true that powders don’t catch on to bacteria as much as wet solutions do, that does not necessarily mean that they are absolutely free of it. One swap of contaminated brush or dirty sponge can infect the entire jar!

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Pressed Foundation

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If you allow your friends to borrow your products you practically are letting someone else dabble in their stash! All the bacteria from their hands and face are transferred to that one jar or tool. When slowly bacteria start breeding there and you use that product next, it can create havoc on your face!

Make-Up Brushes

Skin surface carries bacteria, fungi and viruses from the environment and we transfer these directly to our makeup brushes while using them. So borrowing or lending makeup brushes is also a big no-no since it cross-contaminates bacteria. That gives rise to problems like exacerbated acne conditions, rashes and allergies. So beware before you think of sharing such intimate items even with your BFF!

MakeUp Brushes

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Now that you beauty junkies are well aware as to why not share any makeup products with your besties, make sure you shampoo your brushes from time to time, dispose makeup every three months and keep antibacterial wipes handy to clean tip of pumps and tubes or for cleaning the inside of your vanity bag.

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