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Miraculous Neem Benefits For Hair, Skin and Health

by Fashionlady
Miraculous Neem

Neem is a wonderful and miraculous tree owing to its innumerable medicinal properties. Neem tree has been the savior of the human civilization for ages. From a great period of time, India has been worshiping this tree.
Neem Benefits

And why not, it is like a mother to a child. It protects its children from every disease. And thus from very ancient times, we have been using this tree for its medicinal properties for healthy hair, healthy skin and for the overall health.

Every part of this tree is used as the medicine for one thing or another. And thus, we are defining it’s vast and innumerable benefits again, so that we may learn the importance of this tree and get some benefits from the Mother Nature as well.

Here we enlist those benefits.

Benefits of Neem for Hair:

1. Prevents Dandruff:

Boil neem leaves for a long time. Let it cool and then wash your hair with this water. Your dandruff will vanish.

2. Hairfall:

If you have hair fall problems, neem oil can come to your rescue. Although the smell is quite pungent, you may still have to try it, if you want your hair to be healthy.

3. Keeps Scalp Healthy:

Neem oil acts as a good conditioner. It also cleans up the bacteria and other germs on the scalp if any. Also, neem oil has been used since ancient times to make our scalp healthy and condition the hair.

4. Conditions Hair:

As mentioned above, neem oil can be used for conditioning of hair, and it is already a proven medication used by our grandmothers. Hence, use neem oil to make your hair shine.

5. Removes Hair Lice:

For hair lice, neem oil is the best and effective remedy. Just apply the neem oil and all the dirt and lice in your hair will go away.

6. Helps In Hair Growth:

You need to simply crush the neem leaves and make a paste of it. Then, apply this paste for 30 minutes on your scalp. It has been said that this helps in the growth of the hair.

7. DIY Conditioner:

Boil neem leaves in the water. After shampooing your hair, you should wash them with this neem water as this will condition your hair and bring natural shine to them.

8. Smoothens Frizzy Hair:

You can apply the paste of the neem leaves mixed with honey onto your hair as this will help in smoothening your hair.

9. Control The Split Ends:

The hair splits are extremely irritating and make the hair look unhealthy. The neem oil can help control the formation of splits.

10. Deep Moisturization:

The neem oil, along with its great benefits, helps to moisturize your hair. It is a great moisturizer, which also helps us from the harmful UV rays.

Benefits of Neem for Hair

source: stylecraze.com

Benefits of Neem for Skin:

11. Helps In Leprosy Healing:

Take a hundred leaves of neem, crush them and consume with water for a period of six months. It is said that even if your leprosy is years older it will get completely cured.

12. Cures Skin Disorders:

Bathing in warm boiled neem water has been a proven remedy to cure all types of skin disorders, namely skin rashes, eczema, itching and others.

13. Has Anti-Bacterial Properties:

Small scraps or cuts can be treated with the neem leaves paste, as the paste is highly antibacterial and thus, prevents the wound from getting infected further.

16. Moisturizes Dry Skin:

If you have a dry skin, use neem oil as it will reduce dryness as well as itchiness of the skin.

17. Prevents Pimples And Acne:

Teenagers usually face the problem of the pimples and acne. You can apply the mixture of crushed neem and rose water on the affected area. It definitely reduce pimples and acne.

18. Protects From UV Rays:

Neem oil also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays.

19. Prevents Skin Cancer

Relating to the vast number of benefits, the neem oil can also be used as anti UV rays agent, and thus it protects the skin from developing any sort of cancers.

20. Cures Fungal Infections:

If you are having any fungal infections, neem oil can be a cure, as it has anti-fungal properties. It can tackle almost 14 types of cultures of fungi.

Benefits of Neem for Skin

source: idiva.com

Neem Benefits For Health:

21.Treats Asthma:

Asthma could be treated by consuming neem leaves extract.

22. Controls Diabetes:

In case of diabetes, consume ten drops of neem oil and then increase 10 drops by each day. This type of medication was used from ancient times.

23. Heals Ulcers:

The neem also fights ulcers. The extract of the neem bark is said to protect from the building ulcers.

24. Boosts Oral Health:

Take a few soft branches of the neem tree and brush your teeth by using them. It is proven that the teeth will be stronger, bad breath fades, and bacteria in the mouth die.

25. Cures Malaria:

The bark of the neem tree is said to have the major role here. According to various scientists, consuming the powder of the need tree bark is very effective in curing malaria.

26. Blood Purifier:

It is a natural blood purifier.

27. Treats Leucorrhoea:

In ladies, there is usually a white discharge from the vagina, which can be a type of disorder too. You can prevent it by consuming shreds of the bark from neem tree

28. Improves Reproductive Health:

Neem is a very powerful birth control agent. According to the Neem Foundation, it prevents pregnancy and also helps in reducing the chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

29. Treats Fever:

According to the Neem Foundation, neem water has antiviral properties. Thus, it prevents any virus from attacking. It can be used in treating various types of fevers.

30. Prevents Arthritis:

It is said to be helpful in treating arthritis. Using neem oil for massages is said to be effective in reducing pain in the joints. Neem oil tackles arthritis in a way that it leaves no room for competition from any other product.

Neem Benefits For Health

Source: arthirities.com

Neem leaves benefits might be numerous, and each of which carry greater pros than cons. But it is necessary to know the side effects too right?

Neem Side Effects:

The side effects of neem need to be kept in mind to avoid harm to the body. The side effects are:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Stomach irritation
  • Low blood sugar
  • Miscarriage
  • Liver and kidney damage

These side effects bring awareness of the potential harm of neem. So use the neem leaves in moderation and reap the benefits!

Now, you have all the reasons to buy neem leaves and put them to their best use! Let us know your stories about how neem has helped you!

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