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9 Gifts Your Beloved Would Actually Love This Valentine’s Day

by Fashionlady

Finding it tough to find your Lady love something special? Honestly, everyone is on the same boat. While women prefer everything traditional and mushy (almost all women) when it comes to love, romance and everything in between – roses and chocolates in this day and age can be so passé – think different!

She deserves the best, and that means you now have to show her how much her existence in your life means to you. The season of love and romance, when Cupid works overtime – sappy and cute should be the gifting options to think of – surprise her well and you shall have her soul for ever!

1. Quirky and fun gifting options

A gift needn’t be something serious and with a message that hits bulls eye – a laughable gifting option too can be a rocking idea; remember boys, women love their men with a touch of wit and humour!

Quirky and fun gifting options

source: wordpress.com

2. High school sweetheart

For those who have been hooked and booked since the days of Glee; carving both names back then on trees was fun – customise the same on a wooden vase; both initials in a heart!


source: pinimg.com

3. Baker girl

If she loves conjuring up treats – cookies, cakes and breads or desserts too – make a gift basket with assorted ingredients and a pasty book thrown in. She’ll be happy and your sweetheart would ruffle up new dishes for your sweet tooth too.

baker girl

source: baker girl

4. The U Complete Me Pillow cases

There’s sure going to be a lot of ‘pillow talking’ on Valentines – grab a pair of white pillowcases and turn it into a quirky romantic gift for her – paint your names on each of them, and she’ll be happy to have you by her side, every night.

you complete me


5. Love Coupons

Joey Tribiani from F.R.I.E.N.D.S gave many men the idea of gifting out ‘Love Coupons’ – your special someone can now redeem them as and when she wants, and in whichever kinky way she likes it too – emboss spicy offers on them.

love coupons

source: you complete me

6. A Week of Love


Which girl secretly wouldn’t like to be surprised with something naughty and sizzling? Grab a pill box and fill each compartment with something nice and erotic – chocolates, romantic scrolls, flavoured condoms, treats, earrings – use your imagination for each day.

a week of love

source: pinimg.com

7. For the busy woman

Your corporate girl on the go doesn’t have the time for an espresso – pick up a mini-espresso kit and she’d be ever so obliged.

espresso maker

source: restorationhardware.com

8. A mini-spa kit

DIY this; fill a basket full of spa related items – candles, framed pictures of her and you, and maybe a CD of love songs for her to immerse and soak into, while enjoying her deep bubble baths.

Hope you like these fun ideas as much as we loved having them penned down for you. Oh BTW! Cupid says, “Nothing is sexier than your woman hearing your voice in a sleepy tone early morning on 14th Feb” – try it!

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