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Best Beauty Tips For Young Adults

by Fashionlady
Best Beauty Tips For Young Adults

Best Beauty Tips For Young Adults

“You are 16 going on 17, Baby its time to think, Better beware, Be canny and careful, Baby you’re on the brink”, these famous lines from the evergreen musical classic “ Sound of Music” sum up the hopes, dilemma and dreams of young adults.

These are the golden years of becoming the person you are going to be for the rest of your life. Stepping into a whole new beautiful world out there is a major transition. Therefore we at, Fashionlady, present our young lady readers with a heartfelt gift: invaluable beauty tips which will help you look beautiful, sassy and confident!

Here is a collection of quick, fun and cool beauty tips for you, especially my dear girls

Best Beauty Tips

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Like a Rosebud: These years belong to innocence, joy and happy times. What could be better than using a fresh and subtle pink shade for make-up? A delicate dab of light pink blush on cheeks or a pale pink rose shade for your lips will make you look fresh and pretty.

No to cakey face: We are sure you don’t want to look like a pale ghost at your school carnival or college parties! Therefore, avoid overdose of foundation on your face as it clogs your pores and makes you look unnaturally white. Instead, find a foundation which blends effortlessly onto your face and covers any blemishes or marks.

Beautiful Makeup Tip For Tweens

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Eyes Vs Lips: Now girls, heavily done eye make-up and lipstick plastered pouts are definitely not happening! Go easy on the lipstick if you are planning for dramatic eye make-up and vice versa. If smokey eyes is your thing, then apply a light lip gloss to even out the make-up. If you love dark lipstick, then wear a light eyeshadow and mascara on your eyes.

Coloring Your Hair: Dark, black hair paired with super blonde highlights look unnatural and fake. If you are trying to change the color of your hair by darkening or lightening it by more than 2 shades, then do not try it out all by yourself at home or with friends! The best way to sport attractive hair color is by seeking a professional’s help who will give you sensible advice.

Hair Color Ideas for womens

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Being a Rebel: Ahh, the years of teen angst, rebellion and boisterousness! These are the years of experiments, boldness, discoveries and enthusiasm.

We understand that! But please do not inflict pain on yourself by going through ugly, gut-wrenching piercings at awkward spots on your body or weird and embarrassing (few years down the line, definitely!) permanent body tattoos.

most beautiful girls with tattoo designs

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OK, you are into the Goth look, but do you think black lipstick to college is a good idea? Yeah, we are all for the rock chick punk look but seriously, ripping up your perfectly new branded jeans – isn’t that stretching it a bit too far?

A big NO to Bulimia & Anorexia:  Girls, let us take an oath to never believe in starvation or forcibly throwing up your food to avoid calories. It is the most horrendous thing you can inflict on your body especially during your growing years which requires a wholesome and nutritious diet.


Skipping breakfast, surviving on frugal bites for lunch and dinner will neither make you look cool or happening. Avoid junk foods which are just temporary stomach fillers and full of empty calories.

Natural Hair Packs For Silky And Bouncy Hair

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If you like trying out new hairstyles, then grow you hair to make different kinds of ponytails, braids, plaits, curls, waves and layers. Sport a new look everyday with a variety of hairstyles. Use Alice bands, colorful clips, cute rubber bands and beads to make your hairstyle fun and vibrant.

Lovely Scent – Exude lovely aroma by using quality perfumes instead of deodorants which have a corrosive effect on young skin.

Smile Like Sunshine – A smile lights up a dull day & dreary weather and wins over situations! A smile from within lights up your eyes and spreads a warm glow to your face. This is the kind of beauty associated with being young and pretty!

natural beauty tips for teens

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Lastly, what makes you truly complete and beautiful is being happy from within. A clear mind paves the way to a healthy body and beautiful life. Glow from within, think big and become a confident young lady ready to go places in the world.

Beauty lies within you; Discover it…

Hope this post was useful! Stay tuned for similar posts!

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