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10 Benefits Of Using Goldenrod Essential Oil – Precautions & Uses

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Goldenrod Essential Oil Uses

Graded as a therapeutic oil, goldenrod essential oil has many benefits for our circulatory, urinary, skincare and libido functions. Goldenrod flowers are beautiful yellow blooms that have some spectacular benefits. It is known that the plant was earlier unfairly blamed for causing seasonal allergies, but later it was found that there weren’t enough evidences to prove the same.

Goldenrod Essential Oil Benefits

What Is Goldernrod Essential Oil?

Belonging to the family of Asteraceae, goldenrod is native to Canada, Mexico and United States. Certain species are also found in Europe. The plant is also known by its scientific name Solidago which in Latin language translates ‘to make whole’. The name indicates that Goldenrod essential oil is a good all-around healing oil.

Goldenrod essential oil is derived by steam distilling the bright yellow goldenrod flowers, generally made from the Canadian variety of goldenrod plant, commonly known as the Canada Goldenrod or scientifically Solidago canedenis. This is the most common commercially available goldenrod oil.

Have A Look At 10 Benefits Of Using Goldenrod Essential Oil:

Goldenrod essential oil boasts of flavonoids and saponins, making it an excellent anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-bacterial and expectorant agent. It also has circulatory, diuretic, carminative properties that make it a therapeutic oil. The natives of the regions where goldenrod plant primarily flourishes, use it to treat inflammations caused by bacteria, such as toothache and sore throats. It is also known to have beneficial effect on kidneys. Let us discuss more on the benefits of goldenrod essential oil.

1. Goldenrod Oil For Skincare:

To get fresh and young skin, or to treat skin issues like eczema and acne, goldenrod essential oil works beautifully for skincare. To include goldenrod essential oil in your skincare regime, dilute it with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil and apply it topically on the affected area. Goldenrod has astringent and antiseptic properties and may even help to firm and tighten skin.

2. For Treating Urinary Tract Infections:

Goldenrod essential oil has diuretic properties, and it can produce more urine which helps clearing urinary tract infections. This has been a traditional use of goldenrod essential oil and it has some scientific evidence too. Goldenrod essential oil can also treat infections in the bladder and nourish the kidneys, which play a vital role in our overall health and wellness.

3. Goldenrod For Respiratory Issues:

Goldenrod essential oil can promote the discharge of mucus from the respiratory tract, expelling the same and clearing the airways. Inhale goldenrod oil directly from the bottle or pour a little of it in your hand. Breathing issues caused by blocked sinuses and cold can be effectively treated, thanks to the expectorant properties of goldenrod. It helps loosening up built-up mucus, helping you to breathe easily.


4. Oral Hygiene:

Goldenrod plant leaves were traditionally chewed by locals to curb toothache. This property of goldenrod oil makes it indispensable for maintaining excellent oral health. Use it in a 70:30 dilution with water and use it as a mouthwash to rinse your mouth, or simply add a few drops to a glass of water and use it to gargle. Not only will you get relieved from toothaches, you will also experience good oral health as the oil will kill oral infections too.

5. As An Decongestant For Allergies:

If you suffer from watering eyes, runny nose or constant sneezing due to change in seasons, you may inhale a little goldenrod essential oil. The oil has decongestant properties that will soothe the inflamed airways, making your post summer allergies go away. Interestingly, it was earlier blamed for allergies!

6. Treating Fungal Infections:

Goldenrod essential oil is also antifungal in nature, and can help in treating fungal infections such as candida, athlete’s foot, jock itch and toenail fungus. Yeast infections can be curbed by using goldenrod essential oil.

Goldenrod essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat aching joint conditions such as arthritis and gout. The aching muscles can be massaged with diluted goldenrod oil twice a day to notice considerable relief from the pain and inflammation.

9. Emotional Calm With Goldenrod Oil:

Goldenrod essential oil has aromatic effect on the mind, and acts as a relaxing, calming and therapeutic agent. Unwind from a stressful day by applying a little oil on the soles of your feet, shoulders and neck. The citric aroma has a peppery after-smell and leaves one feeling good, light and delighted. You can also use the oil as a diffuser in your home and office, which will leave you feeling uplifted and also fight any other smells in the vicinity.

10. For Curing Impotency:

To improve your sexual health and cure issues like erectile dysfunction, goldenrod essential oil is recommended for use in traditional folklore. It is believed that impotency can be cured by using goldenrod essential oil.

How To Use Goldenrod Essential Oil?

It needs to be mentioned here that the oil itself has not been extensively studied. Since it is an essential oil with powerful properties, always do a patch test before using it on any sensitive area on your body, such as the skin, genitals or wounds.

Always use it in 50:50 or more diluted form with another carrier oil. Please notice that it should only be used topically, or inhaled, but never ingested since the effect is unknown.

Precautions When Using Goldenrod Essential Oil:

  • Always use it in diluted form.
  • Never ingest goldenrod oil
  • If pregnant, breastfeeding or under doctor’s care, seek your doctor’s advice before using goldenrod essential oil.

These were the top 10 uses of Goldenrod essential oil. We would recommend this oil for all the above uses, and would be happy to know your experience.

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