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20 Shag Haircuts Indian PYTs Could Try!

by Fashionlady
Shag Hairstyle Ideas

Shag Haircuts

Razor like stance yet playful and feminine, shag haircuts really bring out the chiseled layers and oomphatic personalities like no other hairstyle can. Talk about having a carefree, wild child like attitude, and fabulous shag haircuts does it all.

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Shag Hairstyle Ideas

Here are a couple of shag hairstyle ideas to try, which we know you would certainly fall in love with- check them out!

1. The Rocker Chick Shag

Edgy in style and wild hence the name tagged to it, a hip combover persona comes through with stylish bangs. This is one of the shag hairstyle ideas, which works well with rectangular and square faces.

Shag Hairstyle

2. The Platinum Shag

For women that love the professional look with plenty of whimsical fun attached to their hairstyles, the platinum shag is a must-do. Razor edgy layers make the look and the texture come through, with side hair parting and full face framing bangs for company! Women with long faces ought to try this look, and women with square faces too.

Easy To Do Shag Hairstyle

3. The Flippy Shag

With ends flicked outwards and adorably cut in layers, the flirty fun hairstyle is for women with thin and long faces, and heart shaped face cuts too.

Short Shag Haircut

4. The Teased Shag

It is a longer version of an easy to do shag hairstyle, which gives you side bangs so cute that it adds to your persona and style. Razor edgy layers oomph the cute texture and the teased crown brings more volume to the round shaped face.

Teased Shag Haircut

5. The Midnight Shag

Wispy layers and dark colors go best with this hairstyle in shags. Cheekbones gain more prominence with this cut and the layers are best kept around the whole face to make the face look nice and full, but slim too. This is best as a hairstyle for women with coarse to fine hair.

Medium Shag Haircut

6. The Asymmetrical Shag

They don’t call it a saucy hairdo for nothing. Layers in abundance with volume and plenty of edgy bangs bring out the drama. If you have heart shaped or round faces, you should try this!

Short Asymmetrical Shaggy Haircut

7. The Modern Shag

Amongst the many Medium Shag Haircuts, the modern shag is super popular, because of the cuteness factor it holds. Such haircuts are best for women with heart shaped faces or round faces.

Shag Hairstyle Ideas For Womens

Long Shaggy hairstyles

10. The Soft Shag

Works best for women that love a very feminine and a whisperish touch; so the soft shag works magic for them. Textured at the ends, soft side bangs and tousled hair, brings a very dainty touch and a fun filled look too. This hairstyle would work best for heart shaped faces.

Soft Shag Haircut

11. The Sassy Shag

This short shag hairstyle is one of the best shag hairstyles that can be sported by college going girls. Short and sassy, it’s a fun way to add new life to your flat or thin hair.

The Sassy Shag

12. The Highlights Shag

What is a shag haircut without highlights right? Short shag hairstyles are one of the best ways to flaunt the highlights in your hair.

The Highlights Shag


13. The Shaggy Bob

The bob style and cut has been in trend for a long time now and is the best shag haircut for fine hair. This is because the shag haircut can help in creating an illusion of volume for those who have thin hair.

 The Shaggy Bob

14. The Long Layered Shag Without Bangs

Unlike the previous long shag hairstyle, this long layered shag has no bangs and still looks amazing. A perfect shag haircut for those hwo have long and thin hair.

The Long Layered Shag Without Bangs

15. The Curly Shag

Curly haired ladies often have a tough time in getting the right haircut. A shag haircut for curly hair can do wonders. Just remember to maintain some layers and you will be set.

The Curly Shag

16. The Thick Shag

Love your thick locks but tired of always trying to style them? Well, go for a shag haircut for thick hair with razor cut layers. A perfect minimal fuss haircut for your thick locks.

The Thick Shag

17. The Bang Shag

Getting a shag haircut with bangs can completely transform your face. So if you don’t mind experimenting with your looks then you should definitely try different kinds of bangs like – short bangs, long bangs, curved bangs, etc.

 The Bang Shag

18. The Summer Shag

The shag hairstyle has evolved through the years and you can find a lot of different modern shag haircuts doing the rounds now.

The Summer Shag

19. The Purple Shag

Add a dash of color to your shag haircut by coloring few strands in purple. Now this is one short shag hairstyle that is sure to garner a lot of attention.

The Purple Shag

20. The Rainbow Shag

This long shag hairstyle is sure to be a great conversation starter!

The Rainbow Shag

Now that we have shown you ten of the best trending long Shag Haircuts, short shag haircuts and shags for almost all hair lengths and types, and face types too, we would like you to change your look this season after consulting with your hair dresser.

Shags are all about living your life on the edge and with a sense of happiness involved as well. Don’t go with your boring hair back to work or to college once the summers are through. This is a time for you to maintain that length if you will, but also to play with a razor touch to the edges now and then.

Get gorgeous in short and long Shag Haircuts girls, the world wants more divas and fashionistas around!

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