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Should You Try The Latest Stainless Mascara?

by Fashionlady
Latest Stainless Mascara

Hourglass New Curator Lash Instrument mascara is made of thin stainless steel and is 100% brushless. It does not feature the traditional bristles but contains a steel tip to help reach out to every single lash. This is specifically designed for those ladies who don’t have the patience to care for eyelash clumps. This is a first on mascara without a brush.

The founder and brainchild of this groundbreaking Hourglass product is none other than Carisa Janes. She states that she created the curator because she wanted to tightline with mascara. But the same could be achieved using bristle or molded brush, says Janes. This product allows the user to get to the lash as closely as possible. It helps to create a dark lining effect making the eyes bigger and brighter.

The Curator Lash Instrument is reusable unlike standard mascara which you toss off when tube runs dry. This new mascara comes with it’s down side and bright side, but this revolutionary wand is a first nonetheless.

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How Does It work?

This is how this stainless mascara works. The Curator is intended to be used with Curator Lash Primer in Ascent and Curator Mascara pigment in Realist. First, dip the stick end into the primer and coat your lashes with it. Then wipe the stick using a clean cloth or tissue. After that, use the other product to glide along lash line. Gently pull up your lids to get as close to the lash as possible to make it easier to see the gap between the lashes. This might sound absurd but in the video Tina Yong tries it first hand and it seems to work on her.

Features And Benefits

This stainless steel mascara has a double cut tip that helps create the most defined lashes without clumping. It is designed for accurate application and to reach out to the lash closely as possible. It can be applied vertically to separate the lashes and for exact precision. This mascara can be used ideally used by all. It must be cleaned after every use.


Care Instructions

The Lash Curator Mascara can be cleaned using a soft cloth or tissue. It must be cleaned periodically to remove excess makeup buildup and hygiene purpose. Use alcohol for thorough cleaning. It is essential to dry off the instrument completely before storing off.

Tips To Remember

To get a tightlining effect, hold the Lash Instrument in a horizontal position. Start along upper lash roots and coat the base of the lashes. For exact application, hold the mascara tip vertically for coating each individual lash line. This trick can help reach out the inner and outermost corner of the eyes.

In the video, Tina Yong shares her first hand experience with the stainless mascara.

Tiny Yong’s Reviews

Tina Yong gives a detailed description about the New Curator Lash Instrument Mascara. Each product is sold separately. The applicator is priced at $78. The primer and the mascara are priced at $36 each. Tina admits it is the most expensive range of mascara she owns till date. But, she reveals a lot about the bright side of this mascara. She states that the applicator feels very high quality. The mascara is made of stainless steel and the tip does not feature any brushes or bristles.

After application, Tina admits she liked the results. She states the formula is long lasting and keeps her lashes curled.

At the end, here is what Tina Yong has to say- “I really like this mascara; I think this is super cool. I am really impressed with the results. It is a great product to use on short lashes like mine.” She admits it is a little difficult to clean the applicator. Tina suggests dipping the applicator in alcohol for best results. She advises using this mascara and replace regular mascara as it is easier to use and lot less messy.

Tina Yong ranks this curator 9.5 out of 10. It is a big score and no surprise for guessing. This mascara has everyone wrapped up about it.

Hope this review on stainless steel mascara helps. Check out the video for more details and information. This is a total game changer and intended to achieve all beauty purpose.

Check out the video to know more about this product. Would you try this out? Let us know in the comments below.

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