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The Best Uses And Benefits Of Glycerin On Skin

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Uses And Benefits Of Glycerin On Skin

When you’re battling with dry skin, you want the best products around with great ingredients. But why complicate when you can simply use a natural solution like glycerin. This colorless liquid acts as moisturizer and absorb deep into skin layers. It leaves a smoothening effect and recovers softer skin in no time.

Uses And Benefits Of Glycerin On Skin

There are plenty of ways to use glycerin on skin which we have explained in length below. Other than that, learn more about what is glycerin, its benefits, and precautions of using it.

What Is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a colorless, odorless liquid that comes with a thick, gooey consistency. When applied topically, this clear liquid works to increase moisture and treat dryness extensively. It is used commonly in the beauty world for its many uses.

The Different Ways To Use Glycerin:

There are many ways to use glycerin such as cleanser, toner, and makeup remover. It is simple to use the liquid. All you need to do is wash your face using water. Pat skin dry using a clean cloth but leave the skin a little damp. Dab a small amount of glycerin onto a cotton ball. Dab gently over skin avoiding the eye and mouth area. Do not rinse it off but leave it on for few seconds until it gets absorbs onto skin.

Here are the different ways to use it:

1. Cleanser:

Glycerin is an effective cleanser and works just as effectively as other chemical-based products or even better. For best use, mix one tsp of glycerin with three tsp of milk. Apply it onto face at night and rinse off next morning.

2. Makeup Remover:

Glycerin is a great remedy for removing makeup and dirt from skin. For making a facial cleanser from home, mix half cup water, 1 ½ tsp glycerin, and corn-flour. Allow the mixture to boil until the mixture seems clear. Allow the mixture to cool down and apply a little amount on damp skin. Massage gently and rinse off using warm water.

3. Toner:

Glycerin can make an effective toner for tightening pores. Mix a little amount of glycerin in water. Dab the mixture onto skin. Or, make another solution by adding one fourth of a cup of glycerin and 1 ½ cup of rose water.

Uses Of Glycerin

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Benefits of Glycerin:

Here are the several benefits of using glycerin:

1. Acts As Moisturizer:

Glycerin acts as a great moisturizer by boosting moisture onto skin. The clear liquid keeps skin soft and supple with daily use. For making a natural glycerin moisturizer at home, add two tsp of fresh lemon juice to 250 ml of glycerin. Apply this solution onto face before bedtime. Leave it on overnight and wake up to a revived skin next morning.

Another DIY moisturizer using glycerin you can make from home is mixing half cup of water, one tsp vegetable glycerin, and one tsp cold-pressed vegetable oil like almond or sesame oil. Store the mixture in a refrigerator and apply the cold solution onto face using cotton pad.

2. Treat Ageing Signs:

Glycerin is an effective anti-ageing treatment. You can make a home treatment using natural ingredients to treat several ageing signs. For this you will need an egg, one tsp honey, and glycerin. Whisk the egg white until it turns frothy. Add the honey and glycerin into it. Slather onto face in circular motions. Allow it to rest and rinse off after 20 minutes.

3. Reduce Acne:

Glycerin is a popular remedy for reducing the appearance of acne. Applying it daily will show visible results. Mix one tsp glycerin, half tsp borax powder, and camphor to a glass of water. Mix well until a smooth paste is formed. Apply this solution onto face and leave it to dry. Rinse off using cold water to remove impurities and to tighten pores.

7. Treat Chapped Lips:

Lips are vulnerable to dry air, product irritations, and dehydration. It gets worse during the colder months. But it is easy to treat using a simple, natural solution using few drops of honey and glycerin. Apply and leave it off to dry. Wipe off using a damp cotton ball. Repeat every night.

Glycerin Benefits on Skin

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Precautions of Glycerin:

Although there are plenty of glycerin benefits for skin, there are some side effects that cannot be ignored either. While it is mild, it causes allergic reaction to some. Here are few precautions you can keep in mind while using it:

  1. While glycerin is gentle on skin, but alike all other new skin products, it is advisable to do a skin patch test. Apply a small amount on the inside of your arm to check for skin irritations. Consult a doctor if you notice allergic symptoms like swelling or blisters.
  1. If you do intend to use glycerin at day time, know that it can cause sun sensitivity. Apply a sunscreen before using the clear liquid.
  1. Some of you may not favor using an animal based source glycerin for your beauty purpose. You can instead opt for vegetable options derived from vegetable oils.

You can avail glycerin easily from pharmacies and drugstores. Store the homemade solution at room temperature for seven to ten days. Hope this helps.

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