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Best Ways to Remove All Types of Stains from Your Clothing

by Fashionlady
Remove All Types of Stains

Remove All Types of Stains
Are you scared of wearing whites for fear that you will invariably stain the fabric and end up with an ugly splotch of faded out stain in it after the wash? What’s more, we come into contact with numerous potential stain-causing things, so you are not alone in your fear of stains. From the seemingly innocent pens to the scalding hot coffee, your lovely outfit can get stained irrevocably in an instant. So let us look at a few ways in which you can effectively remove stubborn stains.

Do Not Let the Stain Set

The number one rule in fighting against a stain is to not let it set. The longer the stain has to stay undisturbed on the fabric, the stronger it sets into the fabric and the harder it is to get it out. So immediately do some damage control by blotting with a wet napkin, or rinsing the clothing under cold tap water if you can.

Remember: But take care to never rub the stain with paper napkin or blot it too roughly. This could again lead to the stain spreading in and setting into the fabric.

Always Use Cold Water

Never use hot water. Heat speeds up the setting process, making your stain stubborn. So always work with cold water when attempting to remove stains. This is why you should always hand wash your stained clothes. Even if you feel that the stain is completely gone, do not machine wash it as the dryer cycle in the washing machine may heat up the fabric, encouraging any leftover stain to set in.

Keep Trying

Some stains are more difficult to get out than others, so do not give up after just one try. Remember that once you wash the garment and let it dry, it is next to impossible to take out the stain completely. So keep working with the garment while it is still wet and try out different substances to see which works the best. It will sometimes take three to four attempts to get rid of a stain, so do not give up easily.

Now let’s look at how we can remove different types of stains.

How to remove Coffee and Other Food Stains

You can always opt for some mild bleach to get rid of the stain but the problem with that approach is that the bleach may take out the dye of the fabric as well, leaving a pale white spot in its stead. So if you’d rather not risk using bleach then give glycerine a try.

Mix in some glycerine in cold water and soak the stained area in that water. The glycerine should help soften up and loosen the stain and hand washing the garment, concentrating on the stained area should get rid of it completely.
If the food stain is a thick sauce or gravy then try scraping it off carefully taking care to not spread it out. Then follow the earlier mentioned method to take out the stain.

remove Coffee and Other Food Stains

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How to remove Ink Stains

Ink stains are so difficult to remove as they spread and set in a very short time span. You can try the same glycerine method, or you can use some cold milk. Soak the stained part in a bowl of cold milk for thirty minutes. Wash it under cold water and use a hand soap to rub over the stained area to completely remove the stain.

remove Ink Stains

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How to remove Wine Stains

Picture this: you are having a romantic dinner, complete with candle lights and red wine, and then horror of horrors you spill the wine all over your new dress. Well, the smartest thing to do is to get your hands on a bottle of club soda if you can and blot out the wine with a napkin soaked in club soda. If club soda is not an option, then get hold of some salt and mix in a few drops of water to it. Use this coarse paste on the stain, rubbing gently over and over again to get rid of the wine stain. Wine stains are pretty tricky to remove, if the stain just isn’t budging then you have no other option but to go to a dry cleaner to see what they can do.

remove Wine Stains

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How to remove Oil and Grease

While dealing with greasy stains, the first step is to douse the stained area in talcum powder or other such oil-absorbing powdery substance. Put the powder on both the front and the reverse side of the garment and let the powder soak up as much of the grease as it can. Repeat the process once again. Once this is done, you can squirt on some dishwashing liquid onto the stain and rub it off. Since dishwashing liquids are potent at removing oil and grease from utensils, they work well with these stains.

remove Oil and Grease

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Remember: If you’re dealing with silk and wool fabrics, then try using natural ingredients as much as possible. This is because harsh chemicals tend to ruin the fabric. If a stain just isn’t budging, you may want to consider dyeing the fabric a darker colour. For example, if your light blue dress has a stubborn stain that just won’t go, you can dye it to a dark blue so that the stain gets covered up completely. Check with your dry cleaners to see if and where you can get your garment dyed.

Handy Tip: Always carry a pack of baby wipes with you. You’ll be surprised at how good these are at removing stains in emergencies. Since the wipes are damp and contain a gentle cleanser as well, they are quite effective to remove fresh stains and minimise any further damage.

Hope this post was helpful. Tell us what you use the most to get rid of stains from your clothes.

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