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Beyonce Personal Details

She is an American singer- songwriter-actress. She is a winner of six Grammy awards, who has wowed the world with her vocals, videos and live shows. Her name features in the list of “100 most influential people” all around the world. She has starred in a comedy film opposite Steve Martin in the film Pink Panther. That’s quite a feat (to start with)! Let us get closer to knowing Beyoncé – best selling music artists of all time who is yet to find a match.

When we think of Beyonce, the ethereal goddess in the music world, we all want to be like her. The queen that she is doesn’t stop at her voice, but goes further to her on point styling and fashion sense. Her on-screen or live appearances are highly anticipated and fans don’t miss a chance of capturing this beauty!

From her mini legged dresses to her dramatic flowy dresses, there’s not a thing about Beyonce that isn’t perfect. Being the modern age idea of a trendsetter, Beyonce is an aspiration to all.

Personal Details

Her bio will leave you stunned. Here is how Beyoncé is – a phenomenal star, an artist beyond compare, the international celeb you need to know.

Name Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter
Birthday Date July 24, 1969
Birth Place Houston, Texas (United States)
Sun Sign Virgo
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Beyoncé is gifted with dark brown to blonde hair.
Nationality American (though some reports claim she is a mixed breed of Native American, French, African, and Irish ancestry)
Religion Christian
Education St. Mary’s Elementary School (where Beyoncé started taking her dance classes). Subsequently in the year 1990, Beyoncé was enrolled at Parker Elementary School, a music school. She did her High School at the Performing and Visual Arts and Alief Elsik High School.
Occupation Singer
Marital Status Married

I’m sure Beyoncé’s family history would interest you. Let’s find out about it.

Family Details

Father Mathew Knowles
Mother Tina Knowles
Siblings Three – Solange Knowles (sister) who is also involved in music and film, Bianca Lawson (step sister), Nixon Knowles (half bro)
Spouse Jay Z (rapper/hip-hop recording artist)
Children Daughter by the name Blue Ivy Carter

In Feb 2017, Beyoncé announced on none other than Instagram that she and Jay Z are on the family way again, and that they are expecting twins. That’s double fun – in the hope that the twins would keep up with their mother’s legacy. But with such a star power, it is worth finding out the past flings of Beyoncé.

Beyonce Pregnant


Past Relationships

Talking of ‘exes’, Beyoncé has been lucky on this front. B’cos her relationship(s) of past have not been covered enough by media. No point guessing why!

Here are the ‘exes’ that Beyoncé had the hots for before she met and tied the knot with Jay-Z.

Lyndell Locke: He was Beyoncé’s high school BF. Mean of him to cheat on her.

Beyonce Family


Sean Paul: Guess what? Both Sean P. and Beyoncé were found to be dating when she had just begun her solo career.

Mos Def: Now the thing is that both Beyoncé and Mos had a brief stint on dating while they were shooting for Carmen: The Hip-Hopera. It is another story that it didn’t last to be written a page in rumored love stories!

Julius: Rumor mills were working full time on the part that Beyoncé had been hooking up with Julius, which made Jay Z jealous.

Justin Timberlake: It is believed that Beyoncé had a lip lock at a party with Timberlake. But ‘one-thing-lead-to-another’ didn’t happen.

All these are rumored lovers of Beyoncé. But when he met Jay-Z, it turned out to be a fruitful union. Let’s check out the form and figure details of Princess of Pop.

Body Stats

Talking of body stats, Beyoncé happens to have an attractive figure. “Sensual” would be the better, and apt word when you are doing figure talk about Beyoncé. Let us find out how close she comes to the heavenly “bod” description.

Build Pear shaped body
Height 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight 130 pounds
Waist Size 26 inches
Hip Size 38 inches
Shoe Size 8 (US) or 38(EU)
Dress Size 6
Body Measurement 35-26-39 in or 89-66-99 cm

Favorite Things and Hobbies

Take a guess – what would be the first and last hobby of Beyoncé? Singing, of course! Other than that, the Princess of Pop loves dancing, swimming, reading and writing. Let us now read what are her other super favs.

Color Gold and Pink
Food From fast food to soul food. Creole Food, Popeyes, Honey Nut Cheerios and Bey has a love for chocolate-colored strawberries…
Place Houston
Sport Swimming (an ocean or pool is her favourite jaunt), beaching (with hubby, of course), bike riding
Brands Topshop (particularly its Flocked Sequin Bodycon Dress), A.F.Vandevorst Moment Trenchcoat etc.
Actor Tom Hanks
Actress Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross
Film Sparkle, Mahogany, Cooley High

Other than the things mentioned above, some of the fav things of Beyoncé are pretty simple (and this is where she comes up as a simple living-high thinking girl). She loves to stay at home and get glued to the television or sitting along with her hubby Jay-Z at Brooklyn Nets games.

Professional Career

Ever wondered the type of relationship Beyoncé has with “music”. It’s unfathomable. She once said “I see music. It’s more than just what I hear… When I’m connected to something, I immediately see a visual or a series of images that are tied to a feeling or an emotion-a-memory from my childhood, thoughts about life, my dreams or my fantasies. And they’re all connected to the music”.

First Debut: It was in 2003 – when Beyoncé came out with her first debut album Dangerously in Love. This album of hers made her come up as a solo artist worldwide, got her 5 Grammies, amongst other things.
Brand Endorsements: Since the time when she was all of 18, Beyoncé has worked with L’Oréal. As time passed and her recognition grew like a million stars in the sky, several brand endorsements fell in her kitty – Féria, Pure Zone, StudioLine, Glam Shine, Colour Juice, Lip Duet, HiP, Infallible, True Match, Colour Riche and Double Extend.

In the year 2002, Queen Bee signed up a promo deal with Pepsi for TV commercials, print ads, etc. In 2004, she modelled for ‘Gladiators’ commercial with none other than Britney Spears. In 2004 itself, she was signed up by a Japanese company as a spokesperson. This year also saw Beyoncé as the face of Tommy Hilfiger fragrances – not one but 2 fragrances. Destiny’s Child was the face of ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ campaign of McDonald’s in 2004.

Fashion can’t be separated from Beyoncé. Which is why, she was the model of her fashion line – House of Deréon, and its sister line, Deréon. And then followed Walmart, Disney and Samsung. American Express, Emporio Armani, Nintendo DS game, Vizio headphones, H&M, Toyota, are all international established labels for whom Beyoncé has advertised and earned big million bucks!

Career Achievements: Bold music and songstress and powerful stage presence, Beyoncé has become a larger than life persona. Take a look how – she scored her first single, made her film debut in 2001, came up with Dangerously in Love which ran into a wild success, earned the title of Songwriter of the Year by ASCAP (this was a first for an African-American female artist), got herself a leading role in a major production, was cast in a musical biopic Cadillac, got many honors from Billboard including Artist of the Millennium in 2011, won six Grammy awards in 2010, the list is endless, actually!

Beyonce Awards


Remuneration: Well, if you were to translate her earnings in Indian currency, then Beyonce gets to the tune of INR 3,607,964,602.00 on an annualized basis.

Net Worth: $290 million (as of March 2017) though some published resources reveal it is to the tune of $450 million.

You will be surprised to find out that when she was a kiddo in school, Beyoncé was teased for her big ears. Let us find out her ‘belly’ connection – meaning what are her techniques in workout and diet.

Beyonce Weight Loss

Well, you have to swear by Beyoncé’s figure. And it takes a lot of pains to get the gains, as they say. Let us find out what are the customised techniques she adopts (or has adopted) to shed the kilos and stay fit and sexy.

Workout Plan: Queen Bee’s workout largely revolves around cardio, abs, interval training and a healthy diet. One of the best things about her workout plan is that she emphasizes on Power Moves (which needs you to move all four major joints at once) created by Marco Borges, her fitness trainer.

Diet Plan: Heard of ‘Master Cleanse’ Diet? That is the fasting diet which Beyoncé chose, which made her lose 20 pounds in all of 14 days (i.e. 2 weeks).

In this special diet plan consisting of detox drinks, Beyoncé ate no food. She had only 6-12 glasses of water mixed with lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 10-40 days (which is little over a month).

It goes without saying that Beyoncé played a major role in boosting the popularity of Maple Syrup Diet. Interestingly, this syrup – Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup (also called the Lemon Detox) – comes from the sap of maple and palm trees. The benefits include weight loss, toxin remover, clears skin and eyes, stronger nails, shiny hair and improved concentration.

Fitness can’t be boring, and ‘facts’ never. Here are some facts on Beyoncé which will bring you closer in knowing the ‘hidden’ facts about her.

Facts About Celebrity

Considering the ‘Godly’ success of Beyoncé, the lady tops the charts any day when it comes to international celeb status. And that applies to both singing as well as her humanitarian efforts. Here are some interesting facts about her – you better know the “unknown” things of Beyoncé before you are left wondering!

  1. When she was eight years, Beyoncé’s singing talent was discovered. Well, it so happened that her teacher was singing a song and lo and behold, the little Beyoncé finished the song giving high notes.
  1. At the young age of 8, Beyoncé met the mates of her future Destiny’s child band in an audition – Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Robertson. All these three competed with three other girls as part of the all-girl group Girl’s Tyme.
  1. As luck would favour, the young girl Beyoncé won a school singing competition with none other than John Lennon – who co-founded the “Beatles”, the most musically influential and commercially successful band in the history of popular music.
  1. Beyoncé (wish one could call her Lady B) is known as the most nominated lady in the entire award history. Why so? Because she has earned (hold your breath) 20 Grammy Awards.
  1. It was in September 2010, that Beyoncé went on to be listed as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman in none other than the People’s magazine.
  1. There is a humanitarian side also to Beyoncé. Proof? Well, for the 2012 World Humanitarian Day, who was the ambassador? None other than Beyoncé.
  1. Michelle Obama – the ex-First Lady of the United States of America has a huge crush on Beyoncé. In New York’s Global Citizen Festival, where she made an appearance, Obama said these words about Beyoncé “I am honored to follow a woman whom I admire and adore. Someone who believes as passionately as I do in the boundless promise of girls worldwide”. This was in reference to her Let’s Move initiative to her most recent #62milliongirls: Let Girls Learn project which are dear to Obama’s heart.
Beyonce and Michelle Obama


  1. Beyoncé’s debut album Dangerously in Love, got the lady B. five Grammys. That is taking Dangerously…to extremes, what say?
  1. Beyoncé ranked at No. 3 position on the “100 Greatest Women in Music” list of 2012.
  1. British supermodel Kate Moss is Beyoncé’s ultimate style icon. There is no arguing on this point, not that I can think of.
  1. Did you know that the pregnancy announcement of Beyoncé earned her the Guinness World Book of Records title for most tweets per second?
  1. Beyoncé did not prove her talent only in signing. Her hands are equally full in parallel businesses. She is the founder of “House of Deréon” clothing line, with her mother as her co-partner. Guess the source of inspiration behind this name? Beyoncé’s grandmother’s name is Agnes Dereon. Hence, all lies in the surname. That besides, Beyoncé has couple of fragrance lines to her credit – namely ‘Heat’ and ‘Pulse’.
  1. Beyoncé has many nicknames. It includes Queen B, Bee, Beebee, Princess of Pop, Juju, Moth, Sasha Fierce.

Are you a Beyoncé fan (already?) or have you turned one after reading this piece? I would love to hear the reason(s) why Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter makes your heart beat faster, why today, but tomorrow as well. Post your replies and comments.

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