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How To Make Thread Bangles

by Fashionlady
How To Make Thread Bangles

Every 90’s kid will remember making beautiful bracelets of wool for their friends on friendship’s day. Thread bangles is somewhat from the same period but regained its popularity in the recent times.

How To Make Thread Bangles

The concept of bangles, on the other hand has been around for ages now. India itself has a myriad of traditional bangle styles to choose from. Gone are those days where bangles could only be worn with traditional or semi-traditional outfits. Thread bangles can be worn with almost any attire. In this article we will learn how to make thread bangles.

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Silk Thread Bangles

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Thread bangles being a very recent craze are available all over the market today. These thread bangles are a welcome fusion between traditional chunky bangles made of metals such as gold, silver, bronze, etc. and modern accessory trends. What’s more? You could actually make your own thread bangles at home. Thread bangles making is easy and can work wonders to your outfit.

Wrap a Bangle With Thread

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Here Is What You Will Need To Make Silk Thread Bangles

Know how to make thread bangles step by step. Here are the steps for making your very own silk thread bangles.

Step 1: Gather Items You Will Be Needing

  1. Silk threads of different colors. Silk threads have been chosen over Cotton threads considering the silk threads relatively higher shelf- life and glossy appearance.
  2. A pair of sharp scissors.
  3. Some old bangles of any desirable shape. One thing that you have to keep in mind while choosing the bangle is that, the finished bangle should fit the user perfectly.
  4. Besides, that you are going to need lots of patience and some spare time.
Thread Bangles Making

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Step 2: Clean The Surface

The bangle chosen to be worked upon must be cleaned properly. Any remnants of oil or dust must be removed from the surface completely.

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Step 3: Start With The Threading

Take about five to six strands of silk threads on your hand. Make sure these strands of threads are not too long or it may become difficult to manage. 30 cm long strands are good enough for about any bangle. Now, start wrapping the silk thread strands around the bangle in the same direction multiple times and in an organized manner. The wrapping is crucial and if it is wrapped in a haphazard manner, the final product will look ugly. When you are done with the first batch of thread strands, tie a knot with the loose end of the silk threads and attach tip-wise with the fresh batch of thread strands and scissor of the remaining part. Do remember to tie the knot very tightly since there is every possibility that the thread will slip away owing to how silky it is. Having done that, you can continue with the wrapping process of the thread around the bangle. When the next batch is over, you just have to repeat the knot process again.

Thread Bangles Design

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For the final stages, you have to keep wrapping the thread strands around the bangle till you cover the chosen bangle completely. The reason behind taking only 5 or 6 strands of threads together is to speed up the entire wrapping process, saving both time and energy.

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Step 4: Finishing Touches

Once the thread bangle is ready, it’s time for some last checks. Check for loose strands and chop them off. This will ultimately add finesse to your handi-work. With all that taken care off, you now have a brand new fashionable thread bangle.

Make Thread Bangles Step By Step

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