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Bid Goodbye To Swelling And Redness Of Pimples With These Overnight Remedies

by Fashionlady
Decrease Redness Of Pimple

How To Reduce Pimple Redness
Getting an unexpected pimple or a surprising zit is one of the weirdest and most irritating skin care conditions for any girl. Because well, they come unannounced and mount on our faces like nobody’s business; they are painful like hell and to top it all, they are blood red in colour. Eeeps! But on a serious note, the redness of a pimple is an inflammatory response of the body, and not actually a scar. It is actually a very basic functioning of our body and helps the tissues to regenerate without disrupting the healing process of the body. But hey, nobody wants to witness the rise of inflammation, right?

We are here to help.

Presenting to you our top handpicked list of pantry supplies that can decrease the redness of the pimples overnight, rather magically.

Read on:

But first, before trying any of these remedies, always wash your face with soap-free face wash. This is an extremely imperative step as it helps your face to balance the oil content. Still confused?

Basically, your pimple has occurred because of the excess oil production on your skin, and that is why cleansing it normally (and not going overboard) with a mild foam-based face wash is the best way to clean your acne-filled face.

Stop Redness Of Pimples

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Cold compress can decrease the redness of your pimple

Using a cold compress is one of the easiest ways of decreasing the redness of the pimple overnight. This works because the cold temperature tends to contract the blood vessels under the layer of the skin, which consequently helps in minimising the pimple’s appearance and redness. To help relive the irritated skin and shrink the size of the pores, you can try this tip.

How to apply:

  • Wrap ice cubes in a thin towel.
  • Now, keeping a very light hand gently rub the towel on the affected area.
  • Perform this step for not more than 1 minute.
  • Take a break for around 5-8 minutes and then repeat again.
  • Do this for around 3 times in a row. Give this procedure a day’s pause and start all over again.
Get Redness Out Of Pimple

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Witch Hazel can get the redness out of the pimple

Known for combatting swelling and redness, witch hazel also works wonders when it comes to managing skin breakouts and how to reduce pimple redness. A natural astringent, witch hazel does a wonderful job of not allowing the blood vessels to surface on the skin, thus helping with the minimising the appearance of pimples.

How to apply:

  • Start by soaking a cotton ball in a witch hazel solution.
  • Hold the soaked cotton ball against the pimple for 5-minutes.
  • Do not rinse off the mixture after that.
  • Repeat this process for 2 to 3 times in day for prominent reduction in the redness of pimples.
Stop Redness Of Pimple

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Get redness out of pimple by rubbing some lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the highest concentrated forms of citric acid that aids in fighting off bacteria. It is known to be a natural skin-lightening component and helps majorly with stopping the redness of the pimple. For using lemon juice, we suggest:

How to apply:

  • Mix a bit of lemon juice with a few drops of honey. This step is extremely important as direct or even prolong exposure to lemon juice can dry out the skin. In fact, it is even susceptible to sun damage if not applied along with honey.
  • Now, take a cue tip, dip into the mixture and very carefully apply this mixture right over the zit.
  • Keep the mixture on your face overnight and in the morning, wash your face with foam-based cleanser and apply noncomedogenic sunscreen lotion.
Remedies for Pimple Redness

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How to reduce the redness of the pimples with Manuka Honey

Known globally for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, when applied on skin, manuka honey is one of the excellent sources of reducing redness of the pimple. In fact, it also helps in keeping dry, flaky and patchy skin at bay.

How to apply:

  • Start by cutting down a nongel-coated aspirin tablet into half.
  • Wet out the mixture using a drop or two of glycerine or rose water.
  • Now applying this mixture on the pimple area using a bandage over it.
  • Let the mixture stay for a couple of minutes. And there you have a sudden decrease in the redness of the pimples.
Ways To Reduce Pimple Redness

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Stop the redness of pimples by suing the age-old toothpaste:

Toothpaste contain a chemical compound called silica, which helps in drying out the pimples, thus doing a fantastic job of considerably lowering down the redness of the pimples. But yes, a word of caution here: you need to avoid toothpastes that contain menthol or fluoride as it can irritate the skin to the point of it leading to breakout and causing more pimples.

How to apply:

  • Cover your pimple completely in an extremely thin and evened out layer of toothpaste.
  • Let the mixture dry overnight and wash it off with lukewarm water as the first thing in the morning.
Remedies for Pimples

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Stop the redness of the pimple overnight by using the magical eye drops

Yes, you have heard us right there! It is indeed one of the fastest and most preferred way of reducing the redness of pimples. This tip works best in reducing the redness of the pimples and doesn’t do anything for the inflammation of the targeted area.

How to apply:

Use the whitening eye drops at night and in the morning, notice a glowing spot of clear face in the morning.

Home Remedies for Skin Redness

Get the redness out of the pimple by using a warm tea bag

This technique is where you are using hot compression to the pimple for it to open the pores and potentially draw out all the bacteria or pus to the face. This technique works in the same way when you use cleansing oils to draw out bacteria and dead skin.

How to apply:

  • Arrange for boiling hot water in a cup. As hot as when you make a tea.
  • Now pour the tea bag in hot water and gently hold it on your face for as long as you can. Anywhere between 30-60 seconds would be good. Yes, you might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but we guarantee you, you will feel great after that.
  • Follow this warm compress procedure, with a good quality face wash. You can also go ahead and mildly scrub your face with besan and milk to get the oil and bacteria out of the face that was brought to surface by the warm compress.
Home Remedies for Redness Of Pimples

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Manage redness of the pimple with cucumber:

The humble cucumber is not only one of the most refreshing and healthy vegetable for weight loss, but it also works excellently to stop the redness of the pimples, almost overnight. Known for being packed with water content having slightly astringent property, cucumber aids in restricting the blood vessels in your skin, thus helping you stop the redness of the pimple overnight.

How to apply this remedy:

  • Freeze the cucumber for an hour or so.
  • Now, chop a slice of cucumber and hold it over the spot for a few minutes.
  • The moment the cucumber gets warmed up, replace it with yet another slice for a few minutes.
  • If time permits, you can also mash up half a cucumber and mix some drop of lime juice, olive oil and honey to it. Apply this pack all over your face to not stop the redness of the pimples, but also to get a clear, spotless and glowing skin.

Remedies for Redness Of Pimple

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