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Bigg Boss 7 Grand Finale: Gauhar Khan And Tannisha’s Style Statement

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Bigg Boss 7 Grand Finale

It is time to bring the party poppers and put on your dancing shoes! Die-hard fans of Bigg Boss 7 eagerly awaited to watch who would win the fabulous prize money – Well, its everyone’s favorite. Gauhar Khan, who not only won tasks but also stole hearts across the nation.

gauhar khan bigg boss 7 trophy

Gauhar’s victory in the Bigg Boss 7 is a combination of her hard work, confidence, glam quotient and drop-dead gorgeous looks. She has been the most fashionable and stylish contestant in the house of Bigg Boss 7 with her flaming red pouts, dazzling neons and long tresses.

Gauhar In A Stunning Silver Gown

As the compteition between Gauhar Khan and Sangram was close, it was truly a nail-biting and exciting experience. Gauhar looked scintillating in a backless, halter neck silver gown with a bold slit. With a lace bodice and backless styling, the dress accentuated her figure and brought out the curves. Her hair looked gorgeous in its long silken straight avatar.

salman khan gauhar bigg boss 7

What made the unique look was the way her eyes twinkled with happiness and a lovely pink pout which turned into a wide, dazzling smile. She accessorized it in style with dazzling pointed heels, a solo bangle and chandelier earrings. With prett pink lips, kohl rimmed eyes and long lashes, she looked resplendent and an ultimate style icon.

bigg boss 7 winner

Tannisha in Pink: Fusion Style

On the other hand, Tannisha Mukherjee who was runners-up, was dressed in a fusion style floor length gown. The corset style pink outfit had a long flowing structure and a broad slit to reveal fitted black pants with a lovely traditional border. She wore huge danglers, a little silver bindi and pink rouge which gave a soft blush to her features. Her hair was let loose in pretty curls tossed over her shoulders. However, the choice of outfit could have been better for the finale considering the fact she was a runners up and it was the grand finale of the entertaining Bigg Boss 7 season.


tanisha bigg boss finals

Who was the most fashionable couple – Gauhar-Kushal or Tannisha-Armaan?

Both the contestants have had their fashionable, romantic, tense and exciting moments while on the show. Tannisha-Armaan’s infamous love story created controversies and made headlines every other day. From shocking clashes and fights to scandalous intimate moments, Tannisha was on the verge of being evicted from the show because of pressure from her family.

Bigg Boss 7 Tanisha Mukherjee

While Gauhar and Kushal Tandon had their own share of cutesy, romantic moments. We must say they make quite a good looking couple with Gauhar’s inherent sense of style and Kushal’s good looks. Here are some moments from the show where we adore Kushal and Gauhar looking fabulous and glamorous together:

gauhar khan kushal bigg boss 7

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