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Blotting Sheets For Oily Skin: Get That Oil Under Control

by Fashionlady
Best Oil Blotting Sheets in India

Blotting Sheets For Oily Skin

Summers are here and so is the time when your skin is sweating profusely. For working women, or even for those who use makeup, it becomes extremely difficult in the raging heat. All the sweat and stickiness on your face is enough to wipe off all the traces of makeup. So what is the solution to this? Well, for any makeup hassles, our makeup gurus have something in their vanity bag and one such amazing invention are blotting sheets for oily skin. Blotting sheets are essentially pieces of tissue or similar material and they are light enough to be carried around. This neat and nifty beauty accessory can make combating sweat an easy peasy job. Blotting sheets for face are amazing sweat absorbers and not just that, but they will also freshen up your look in a jiffy. No more looking like you just got drenched in the rain!

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Oil-blotting tissues are in fact one of the most commonly available beauty accessories. And there are literally hundreds and thousands of different oil absorbent paper sheets available in the market and you are actually spoilt for choice as to which one will serve your purpose. The good news is, blotting sheets for oily skin is actually good for your skin and unless you have a special preference (your penchant for sweet-smelling stuff, perhaps?) you don’t have to knock yourself down in selecting the blotting sheets for oily skin.

Blotting Sheets For Face

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Best Oil Blotting Sheets In India

In this article we will talk about the best oil blotting sheets available in India. So, to combat the summer blues, just stash one of these in your purse and watch the magic!

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens

If you are sucker for something which smells sweet and leaves the whiff lingering on you, then you should go the Boscia way. Formulated with Green Tea Extracts, these sweet-smelling linens will wipe off any traces of oil and grime from your face and protect your face while working on minimizing the shiny face.

Rs. 600 for 100 linen sheets

Best Oil Blotting Sheets

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Shisheido Oil and Sweat Blotting paper

These are a little on the expensive side considering they are from Shisheido, one of the best brands of skincare out there, but trust us, these are totally worth your money. The best thing about these sweat blotting papers is that they not only will give you that matte effect on your skin, but since they are a little tinted, they will also provide that slight look which is usually imparted by a compact.


Rs. 720 for 70 sheets

Oil Blotting Sheets Good or Bad

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Clean And Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets

Clean and Clear is one brand that we all Indian women have grown up seeing. They have amazing smelling and fruity face washes and their oil-absorbing sheets work wonderfully well too. They are a little different than most of the sheets available in the market because they have a slightly plastic-like feel to them. But that’s not a concern because these suck up oil so well that your face will perk up in a jiffy!

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Rs. 145 for 50 sheets (Very budget friendly!)

Oil Absorbent Paper

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M.A.C Blotting Film

If a makeup chain like M.A.C comes up with blotting films, they better be good! And needless to say, they are actually the best in the market. Also, if you are caked with makeup, it is always better to use a film that will not disrupt your look. It is actually amazing and you can actually see the shine disappear!

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