Top Blouse Designs For Cotton Sarees To Look Hot This Summer


If there is anything that the parched throat needs in summers, it is water. And what does parched skin need? Take a guess – it is the comfort of wearing the cotton fabric that allows your skin to breathe. A desi diva’s summer wardrobe is incomplete without a cotton sari. And what about blouse designs for cotton sarees? Oh, they can turn a boring outfit into a designer one.

Blouse Designs For Cotton Sarees

For all the readers who hate living without the winsome charm of cotton saree and blouse, this post is for you.

First thing first –

There are plenty of style options in the blouse design segment for cotton saris – there is the front neck of the blouse, the back neck, and sleeve patterns. And it is this fashion edge which makes you a style diva in no time. In short, it is your creativity that can make your cotton saree blouse neck design look fabulous.

So, get some thanda nimbu paani as I take you through the hottest cotton saree blouse designs 2018.

Simple Blouse Designs For Cotton Sarees

Top Cotton Saree Blouse Design Options:

It is understandable that cotton saree blouses are meant to be simple. But you can elevate the look of simple blouse designs for cotton sarees by going for broad necks or slit necks. Check out our style tips:

1. Go for Simple Piping Work:

If your cotton saree blouse is of a dull shade, you can still amp up the look by adding certain embellishments around the blouse border. By getting some simple piping work in contrasting shade done you can make your cotton sari blouse stand out and look eye-catching.

Cotton Saree Blouse Designs 2018

2. Add Readymade Borders:

What if your cotton saree blouse has no design frills, patterns, pipings or embellishments? Is that the end of the road? No, you can make up for it by going in for READYMADE borders. They will come to your fashion rescue. In fact, blouse lovers go gaga over chic readymade borders. This lends a designer look to your cotton blouses without burning a hole in your pocket. Try it out! You will love it.

Cotton Saree Blouse

3. Opt For Elbow-Length Sleeves:

Blouse sleeve is another area of experimentation. Many fashion-lovers will notice that “elbow-length” blouse sleeve is gaining huge popularity as compared to its short sleeve and medium length sleeve counterparts.

Printed Blouse Designs For Cotton-sarees

4. Try Wearing Long Sleeves:

Where do you get to see long-sleeved blouses? At weddings, where young brides and bridesmaids are day-by-day opting for this new trend. And you thought this new sleeve length is meant only for those red carpet events. No, my dear, it is very much a part of the simple cotton blouse brigade. As you can see, simple blouse designs for cotton saris with long sleeves and broad necks are becoming the new fashion statement, which is super glam!

Cotton Saree Blouse Neck Design

5. Go Chic With A Boat Neck Blouse:

Boat necks have become every fashion-loving woman’s top choice when it comes to choosing sleek blouse neck designs. It also means you can go in for stylish boat necks if wearing simple blouse designs for cotton saris is high on your mind. They can up your style quotient, and yet keep the simplicity aspect too. Yes, if you want to add a layer of beauty to it, go in for colorful piping on the boat neck. Another winning combination is wearing elbow-length sleeves with it.

Boat Neck Blouse For Cotton Sarees

We have talked about the sleeve length, the piping and the style of cotton saree blouse neck design. Now let us talk about the neck designs.

6. Experiment With Front Neck Designs:

AHA! This is a challenging zone because blouse necks in the front are mostly hidden (except for the revealing-n-plunging necklines). But don’t worry, you can still make use of the visible area.

If you wanna drape your saree in an unconventional way(s), then there are plenty of front neck designs in cotton saree blouse to boost your ethnic look.

Plain Saree Blouse
  • Buttoned blouses: So you thought buttons are only reserved for kurtas, kameez, and back of the blouse. Well, they give a fresh look to your otherwise simple cotton saree when you wear blouses with buttons in the front. Go for bold metallic buttons on light colored sari blouses. It will give a nice formal look.
Cotton Saree Blouse Designs
  • “Tie-up” blouses: Depending on the occasion and the mood, you can try out the “tie up” blouse design as well. They are one-step ahead while wearing simple blouse designs for cotton saris. In fact, blouses with front tie-ups give a fresh new perspective to it as compared to the boring ones.
Tie Up Blouses

Another option is to wear flattering cuts and slits in cotton saree blouse neck design that will show off your fashion flair beautifully. There is no harm in highlighting those slits with attractive embroidery or piping work.


7. Go Bold With Back Neck Designs:

This is the most visible portion of the sari blouse. Thanks to our Bollywood ladies, we have seen necks at the back dipping down and the mercury going up?

However, a ‘back neck’ holds a lot of importance when a woman goes to get a sari blouse stitched.

Hope you are clear now looking at the above blouse designs for cotton saris that your ethnic look this summer may not be boring anymore. You just need stunning cotton blouses in your wardrobe to make every cotton saree spectacular. Now, go ahead and bookmark this page as a reference point whenever you feel like wowing everyone with cotton blouse designs!


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