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Blow Dry or Hair Dry – The Truth About Drying Hair

by Fashionlady
Truth about Drying Hair

Truth about Drying Hair

You are in a hurry and just out of the shower. It’s a big day for you and you certainly don’t want to leave for work with dripping wet hair. Now you have choice – blow dryer or hair dryer. Which one should you use?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Though both the hair dryer and the blow dryer perform almost the same function, the blow dryer can also be used for various hairstyles. So, while the basic hair dryer will dry your hair very soon, you can use the blow dryer to create different fancy hairstyles in almost no time. But in reality, they are really just the same thing!

Blow Dry or Hair Dry

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Blow dryers and hair dryers can give you gorgeous looking and dry hair, but many people do not have much idea about how to get the best out of these devices.

Let’s walk you through some of the lesser known truths about drying hair:

1. Turn Down the Heat

Yes, we know that you have that knob which can give you a lot of extra heat to dry your hair, but turning up the heat is actually killing your hair. To know whether the heat is too much or not, use it at the back of your hand. If you don’t find it comfortable enough, know that your heat is way too much and you should definitely turn it down a notch.

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2. Different Kinds of Hair Require Different Amounts of Heat

The trick is to understand how much heat your hair really needs. For instance, if you have thick and coarse hair, your heat setting should be high. Also, when your hair is dripping wet, you should be using the high heat knob. Those who have thin and fragile hair should be using low heat and also, if your hair is only damp, use the low setting again.

Truth about hair drying

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3. Use the Cool Button to Your Advantage

Most people do not know why they need the cool button for. It is actually a very nifty way to ensure that your hair’s moisture is locked down. After you have almost dried your hair, use the cool button to give a blast of cool air to your locks. It will seal the cuticle and also ensure that your hair setting remains that way for a longer time. This method also adds shine to your hair. You should use the cool button once your hair is 80% dry. This will also protect your hair from being overheated.

Blow dry

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4. Invest in a Good Heat Protectant Serum

No matter what kind of heat setting you are using, remember while you are learning on how to blow dry hair, it is important to remember that subjecting your hair to all kinds of adverse things will end up spoiling them on the long run. Use as many as protectant serums, sprays and lotions to make sure that your hair is protected from heat. Ensure that you are using a generous dose of serum, but not to the roots of the hair, but instead on the ends only!

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How to Use Hair Dryer

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5. Each hair Type Needs Different Blow Dryers

Important blow-drying tips include the fact that you shouldn’t be using the same type of blow dryer on curly hair as you would be using on normal straight hair. There are special dryers called Diffusers available which are especially meant for curly hair. Normal dryers will end up drying the hair and also make them a lot frizzy. That is why you should also invest in fixtures when you are buying any blow dryers. The blow dry hairstyles with the use of these fixtures will speed up your hair dressing time too.

Hair Drying Truths

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