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Bollywood’s Powerful Wives with a Knack for Fashion

by Fashionlady

Their husbands may be country’s heart throbs, with millions of girls falling for them, but these star wives actually rule on our mega stars’ heart. These glamorous wives are equally popular in the Bollywood circuit with a strong fanfare across the nation. While some of them are just adored for their beauty and glamorous public avatars; others have impressed us with their sheer passion for their work irrespective of their husbands’ stardom appeal.

Fashionlady offers you a sneak peak into the lives of 4 most powerful Bollywood wives, who are just not home makers but successful at their own ends as well.

They aren’t just high profile social butterflies fluttering under the stardom of their hubbies, but they are out to prove their own identity. They manage both family and business effortlessly, thereby inspiring every Indian wife out there to be self dependent and giving the feminists a reason to applaud.

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Gauri Khan: Wife of Shahrukh Khan

This lady needs no introduction. People in India had started knowing about her when TV and media were still in their nascent stage. The Begum of Bollywood’s Badshah has come a long way supporting her husband the day since he entered Bollywood. Apart from managing her hubby’s production house and family, she has recently entered into interior designing and real estate.


Source: pinterest.com

Industry grapevine suggests that Sussane Roshan and Gauri Khan have taken their friendship to a whole new level by becoming business partners in real estate and interior designing, which is already a profession of the former wife.

And if I am not wrong then this duo star wives are credited to initiate the first Bollywood wife club, by sharing a strong bond with each other’s family, which later got extended to Meher Rampal as well. Sustaining the stardom and glamorous life is not easy, this is perhaps the major reason for their years of friendship, which is only growing stronger with time. And by collaborating on the professional font, we have just to wait and watch what magic this team is going to spill.

With a fimli style marriage and leading a harmonious marital life with her beau Shahrukh Khan for almost 2 decades now, Gauri is all set to manage her business profile, whilst taking care of their newest family member.

Suzanne Roshan: Wife of Hritik Roshan

When the country was still enjoying the box office mega hit Krish 3, Hritik Roshan after savoring his movie’s success, shocked the entire nation by addressing to press that he and Suzanne are separating. Suzanne Roshan since then has become the connoisseur of everyone’s eyes as Hritik maintained that she has decided to end up their 13 years of marriage. While there were already rumors doing round the corners about troubles in their paradise following the couple’s solo public appearances, the speculation has now been confirmed after Hritik, Arjun Rampal and finally Suzanne have opened up on this heart-breaking news.

hritik roshan suzanne roshan

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The Kaho Na Pyar Hai Greek God, who stole millions of heart, had actually fallen for Sanjay Khan’s daughter. After completing her study in California her passion for interior designing had never faded. While some people are born gifted, others polish their skills through experience and hard work. Suzanne has enjoyed both these fields and has been lucky enough to get some major high end projects in her bag.

Irrespective of turmoil in her marriage, she has managed to maintain her dignity with poise and elan. Even though she was aware her public appearance these days would make her the bull’s eye for the paparazzi, she still opened the doors to her latest launch, Bandra 190. This is her new project which she has ventured with Seema Khan and Maheep Kapoor (other elite ladies from Bollywood).

Suzanne Roshan at the launch of Bandra 190 store

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While every single media was trying to grab her attention in her launch party, the hostess did not loose her cool, moreover answered to few questions as well. And when the media asked her whether there are any chances of reconciliation, she ended up saying, “May be”, thereby sending an optimistic signal to her fans across the world. Fashionlady wishes her peace and happiness in her marital life!

Twinkle Khanna: Wife of Akshay Kumar

Twinkle Khanna, daughter of India’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna decided to quit films after her marriage to the Khiladi of Bollywood. Apart from her star appeal because of her Bollywood background, the lady has earned name and fame by initially venturing into the candle business with her mother Dimple Kapadia.

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna at the Premiere of the film Paa

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She might not have taken her acting career too far, but she has certainly made her family proud by establishing a name for herself in the candle business and also in the world of interior designing as well.

arjun mehr rampal

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After retiring from the modeling career, she started her own modeling agency and has even produced the movie along-with her husband, I see You, under their home production, Chasing Ganesha. Apart from that the ex supermodel also own a nightclub LAP in Delhi suburbs.

The 43 year old, statuesque, who has worked with Tarun Tahiliani and Rohit Khosla in their budding years had this to say,

“The whole supermodel era has disappeared. All over the world, they are constantly looking for new faces. We have gone through the whole evolving of the industry. We loved to go for rehearsals. We did each others’ make-up. Today, you feel that the industry has just become mechanical.”

With two beautiful daughters and a hunk husband, Mehr is enjoying her marital bliss.

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