Braiding Hair Tutorials: How To Braid My Hair


How to braid my hair

Say one classic hairstyle that remains in fashion always and ‘braid’ will be the answer for most of the women. From managing a bad hair day to giving our locks an elegant makeover, braids never fail to impress us. But come on gals! Just interlacing those three hair strands in a regular manner is so yesterday. Why don’t we try something easy and chic on your hair that can glam you up instantly?

Ways to Braid Your Own Hair

Let’s look at different ways to braid your own hair

I will tell you two simple ways to braid your hair. Just try them out and you will look absolutely fresh and beautiful. These are tried and tested ways. When I was wondering how to braid my hair, I stumbled on these and decided to share them with you.

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How To Braid Your Hair Into A Headband

If you want to follow the hottest hairstyle trend, you have to braid your hair into a headband at least for once. This Boho chic style is not only easy to do, but also creates a cute and carefree look in minutes. You can even add a twist to your braided headband by opting for a French braid instead of a regular one. Let’s help you decode the hairstyle here:

  • At first, make your hair tangle-free by combing it with a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush. Smooth, knot-free hair always turns into a gorgeous braid and the task also becomes much easier.
  • Comb and flip all your hair to one side as you need to create the braid across your head. Make sure that you tilt your head to that particular direction so that the job becomes effortless.
  • Now, take a section of hair beneath one of your ears and start French braiding it in the upward direction. Go towards the forehead gradually and keep adding 1”-section of hair every time you interlace the strands.
  • Continue braiding along your hairline until you reach the other side of the head. Be sure that you braid up to the underside of the ear on that side in order to maintain a balance in your look.
  • Tie off the braid with a transparent elastic band. Also, tuck it beneath the loose locks with the help of 1-2 bobby pins.
  • Finally, secure your braided headband in its place by spritzing a good-hold hairspray.

Ways to Braid Hair

Here is another tutorial on how to braid your own hair. Simple braid hairstyles can turn out to be so classy, right?

Different Braided Hairstyles

Those do not know how to do a French braid and make a headband out of it, here is a normal braid that runs like a headband. Do you see how the braid looks on curly hair? Sweet, isn’t it?

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simple braids hairstyles

Points To Remember

And now, here are a few important points that should be kept in mind while braiding your hair into a headband or for a sew-in weave by yourself:

  • Always wear a braid on clean dry hair. Make sure that you wash your hair and dry it up completely prior to braiding.
  • Do not apply any hair styling product on your locks before braiding as they will prevent you from getting a good grasp and you will end up making loose, bulky braids.
  • Try to make your braids not too tight around the hairline. Otherwise, you may experience serious hair fall.
  • If smaller fragments of hair are visible from here and there on your braid, simply push them behind the larger pieces of strands by using the round end of a bobby pin.

So, when are you going to try out these different braided hairstyles? Don’t forget to let us know how they worked out for you.

Hope this article on how to braid my hair is helpful to you.

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