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Can Belt be Your Safe Bet to Look Slimmer

by Fashionlady

Stylish Belt Outfits Combinations
While climate seems to be unforgiving these days across India, we just have no other option but simply bulk up to keep ourselves warm. This is the very reason, most of the female population think winter isn’t for fashion. They are absolutely wrong since they are not aware of the few tricks and tips to stay fashionable irrespective of all seasons and weather conditions.

Before you just get drowned in your layering without leaving no more room for femininity, let your fashion brigade come to your rescue. For this, you do not have to splurge on any high end fashion staples. Instead, just look around your closet and you will come across those pretty little things which can dramatically add some great fashion elements to your winter look.

Ever thought the belt which have been hanging in your wardrobe could make a profound slimming impact on your silhouette? And that your belt could give you an hour glass shape?

And with fall/winter outfits being primed with belts these days, you can now use them confidently to cinch those soft loose-fit fabrics. So, pull out your favorite belt, no matter whether it’s wide, narrow, leather, black, brown or metallic and I’m sure they will go with some of your winter outfits if not all.

I have compiled top 6 fashion tricks to help you look slimmer with just your belt, flaunting your flattering figure underneath all those layers. Do have a look!

Belting an over-sized sweater

Over-sized sweater or cashmere top is quite in fashion this year. And I’m sure you must be having one of this kind in your collection. If length of the sweater extends below your hips then you can play a lot with this volume through the belt. All you have to do is to latch tightly your belt around your waist neither too low or too high. Just at the spot where you usually wear your jeans.

Ways To Look Instantly Slimmer Using Belts

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Belting your blazer

Let your formal blazer get a dose of glamor whilst retaining the corporate sophistication. Remember Rajesh Khanna’s fashion takes in his movies, especially in Kati Patanag. When Kaka donned a belt over his jacket, for many it might not have seemed to be a great fashion statement, but the trick is actually cool. Decades later, this style has been revamped only to get a subtle place in women’s fashion rather than in the men’s world.

How to Look slimmer Using belts

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To get this style, you’ll have to clinch your blazer with a suitable belt at the waist. Do not go for any exaggerated piece instead a slim brown belt would work wonders. And to keep up the elegance, you can button up the jacket or else you can leave it if your office culture is cool with fashion (corporate fashion to make it clear!)

Belting your dress

Whether your dress is tailor-fit or flouncy a belt can instantly jazz up your look. I just fell for Katrina’s fashion in the movie, Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Remember her grey dress with a belt in a scene where she meets Anushka for the first time? I never realized a simple belt could create such fashion wonders.

How to Wear a Belt with a Dress

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No matter how loose or custom-fit your dress is, do not forget to add a belt. However, make sure this waist accessory sits at the right position. You can do this by tugging it at the top half, enabling the rest half to fall casually.

Belting low-rise jeans

If you love to wear a pair of low-rise jeans then make sure you pair it with statement belt, especially with a big buckle. Depending upon the occasion, you can either go for an unapologetic metallic one or the subtle version just like the capsule collection launched by Levis – the fabric boho belt. This broad belt not only frames your waist but hides your hips making you look slimmer.

belt with low rise jeans

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Belting mid-rise for peplum effect

You should be extremely careful in adopting this style. Since the peplum fashion is quite a rage these days and if you do not have a peplum blouse then you can create a virtual one either. Wear a medium length sweater and pair it with a skinny belt over it. place the belt loosely over your waist, letting the bottom part of the sweater to smoothly hang. Voila instant peplum!

belt with midrise peplum fashion

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Belting your overcoat

If your overcoat doesn’t have any belt, you can add one either to your camel coat or a simple overcoat to add an edge to your look. This fashion element defines your waist within the thick layering, thereby making you look smarter and ultra chic!

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