Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

With premature greying hair, hairfall, dandruff and many other such problems faced by women, hair care has become a major concern. Not only do people want hair care tips, they are looking for home remedies to curb any hair related problem instead of going the chemical and medicinal way.

Tip for healthy hair begins with what food you eat. This directly or indirectly is food to the hair and nourishes it from its roots. After that comes how you protect your hair from dust, pollution, etc. Then comes the oils for different hair types, followed by shampoos and conditioners.

For dry hair, care must be taken to not over-wash or use any harsh chemicals that can pull out the moisture from the hair. Winter hair care is also important. This season leaves hair dry and makes them appear lifeless too. However, oily hair must be washed regularly else it will attract dust and pollution to it. Natural hair care tips include consuming amla (Indian gooseberry) and curry leaves. Home made oils made with these ingredients along with castor or coconut oil also do wonders. Hair care for women isn’t too difficult if the basics are kept in mind.

For straight hair as well as curly hair, care must be taken to retain the luster and texture. Specially formulated shampoos from various known brands are available in the market to select from.

Last but not the least haircuts are also important as the ends generally split leaving the hair looking under-nourished and dull. So, regular hair trims are equally important. For detailed information on hair care, FashionLady is the right place to stay hooked!

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