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Tips and Tricks to Add Volume to Flat Hair

by Fashionlady
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Full bouncy hair have always been on the top of my beauty corrections wish list. And when I came across these fabulous tips and tricks to add volume to flat hair; I immediately thought of sharing them with my readers so as to help them get bouncy and voluminous hair too.

I have narrowed down some tried and tested tips on how to make flat hair look voluminous. Do give a try!

1. Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner

Check out your brand. If your shampoo and conditioner don’t add volume to your hair then it’s time you changed them. Instead, pick the hair product that comes with lightweight polymers. These agents plump your strands thereby making them bouncy and lively. You can go for Pantene Fine Hair Solutions Flat to Volume 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner.

Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner

Source: neelscorner.com

2. Spritz a volumizing styler

After you come out of shower, spray a volumizing styler onto damp roots where fullness starts. And then blow dry them. And after you have sprayed on roots, comb so as to distribute the product evenly all throughout your strands. You can go for John Frieda Luxurious Volume Root Booster. It instantly adds volume to your hair.

3. Use a big round brush

In the next step, as you start blow drying use a big round brush, just lift your hair and wrap them around the brush. Now keeping the hair in the same position and lifting it upward, using the dryer to give it a blow dry.


4. Lift with rollers

After you are done with blow drying your hair, use rollers on your crown and lift the hair about 1-2 inches from the roots. Velcro rollers are ideal to add volume to your strands. Now run a blow dryer for over a minute and let them cool. Gently unroll your hair from the rollers and run your fingers across them.

5. Apply hairspray

The last step is applying a thin coat of hairspray on your hair. Here is one of the best kept secrets from various renowned hair stylists – just mist some hairspray into the air and then walk into it instead of directly spray it across your strands. By this trick, the product doesn’t buildup and maintains bounce and volume.

Voila! You now have bouncy and voluminous strands by following this 5-step tutorial. Hope this post on tips and tricks to add volume to flat hair gives you some cues!

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