Makeup Tips and Tricks

Who would shy away from trying makeup tricks that anyone shares or go viral on the website? None of these will be necessary after visiting this blog, as all the questions on makeup will be answered here.

Eyes, which are windows to the soul, need to be dramatic. This not only enhances the over-all look of the face but also speaks about how interested the person is in their makeup. Eye makeup is one of the most difficult of all makeup tricks to master and if you have learnt it, you are no less than a super star. All you need with good eye makeup is nude lipstick and you are ready to roll!
Simple makeup tips for beginners can go a long way over a period of time and one can keep improvising on them to learn other and new face makeup techniques.

Makeup tips for oily skin can differ from makeup tips for dry skin. This means, you cannot follow the makeup tricks that your friends and cousin does and expect it to do wonders on you. For eg. One of the makeup tips for green eyes is to wear green eyeshadow. But if someone with green eyes wears a green eyeshadow, they are sure to be chased by the makeup police. Hence, makeup tutorials on FashionLady will help you understand in detail, about makeup tips for hazel eyes and will suggest necessary techniques and tips for every face shape.

Eyeliner makeup tips also work different for different types of eyes. Face makeup tips also include eyebrow makeup, highlighting and contouring along with finding the right shade for your lips and so on.

For all makeup tips, visit FashionLady blog.

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