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Top 15 Organic Makeup Brands In India That Are Actually Amazing

by Fashionlady
Organic Makeup Brands In India

It’s no secret that organic makeup brands have boomed up in recent years. Consumers are making a conscious effort to use natural ingredients and say no to harsh chemicals. But do all organic products adhere to legitimate certifications? It is difficult to differentiate whether all organic makeup brands are being transparent when it comes to using chemicals and animal testing.

Organic Makeup Brands In India

To clear all these doubts of which brands are using cruelty-free, organic, and ethically-sourced natural ingredients, we bring to your 15 of the best organic makeup brands in India that are completely safe to use.

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Listed below are several brands of organic makeup brands available in India. Have a look at them, so that you can select the right products.

1. Biotique:

Biotique is one of the best herbal makeup brands in India. Over the years, the brand has gained a reputation for introducing time-tested natural products using modern science bio-technology.

Range of Products:

  • Skin care products like exfoliator, toners, masks, moisturizers, scrubs, eye care, lip care, and sun care range.
  • Body care products like cleansers, hand care and foot care range,
  • Makeup products for face, lips, eyes, and nails.
Biotique Beauty Products

Source: biotique.com

2. Vaadi Herbals:

Vaadi Herbal brings together the goodness of modern science and herbal technology to offer us its varied beauty products. Using natural herbs, their products are priced reasonably.

Range of Products:

  • Facial care including lotions, creams, washes, scrubs, gels, facial soap bars, and facial kits.
  • Bath and body care products including cream, lotion, scrub, oil, and gel.
  • Lip care range like lip balms.
Vaadi Herbals

Source: vaadiherbals.in

3. Lotus Herbal:

Lotus Herbal is one of the well-known organic cosmetic Indian brands. It has over 250 types of beauty essential enriched with the goodness of easily availed medicinal and therapeutic herbs. The product is an ISO 9001 company having a holistic healthcare system, which allows taking our beauty routine to the next level.

Range of Products:

  • Skin care products like cleansers, face wash, toners, moisturizers, correctors, exfoliator, whitening products, and lip care.
  • Cleansing bars and lotions.
  • Sun care products including a range for men and kids.
  • Makeup products for eyes, lips, face, and nails.
Lotus Herbal Products

Source: lotusherbals.com

4. Himalaya Herbals:

Himalaya Herbals is one of the popular Indian organic cosmetic brands. The company started in 1930 with its major line of natural products that are 100% safe. Ayurvedic compositions, rare Himalayan herbs, and superior pharmaceutical technology are some of the USP of the Himalaya Herbals products.

Range of Products:

  • Facial care including face wash, scrubs, toners, masks, moisturizers, eye care, lip care, and special treatment products.
  • Body care products including creams, lotions, and soaps.
Himalaya Herbals Products

Source: himalayaherbals.com

5. Just Herbs:

Just Herbs was started by Dr. Neena Chopra, naturopath, Ayurveda expert, and biochemist. The brand has a line of products suitable for skin, hair, and bath line. Perhaps its stand-out selling point is its claims to be vetted by ECOCERT, a French agency. The products stick to their strict policy of using organic ingredients like waxes, whole plants, butter, and cold-pressed vegetable oils. There are no sulphates, parabens, bleaching agents, GMO’s, and animal testing used. The products can be availed from Justherbs.in

Range of products:

  • Sun care products
  • Brightening body oil
  • Hand cream
  • Face wash
Kronokare Skin Care Products

Source: kronokare.com

7. The Skin Pantry:

Skin Pantry was started by Mumbai-based Graphic Designer, Colette Austin. The brand’s range of organic body products includes skin smoothies, espresso body scrub, and body butters available in flavors like rose vanilla and vanilla hazelnut. Her products come in delectable flavors of Burmese mango butter, Madagascan vanilla, and marula oil. There are no parabens, phthalates, certified organic ingredients, and animal testing included. The products are widely available at https://www.facebook.com/theskinpantry/.

Range of products:

  • Skin care and body care
  • Face care
The Skin Pantry

Source: facebook.com/theskinpantry

8. Do Bandar:

The founder Mayura Kadur launched the line of herbal products after she got interested in making organic soaps. Do Bandar offers a wide range of products including skincare and hair care products. Mayura also collaborates with Ayurvedic doctors to make recipes that are manufactured by an all-women team. All the ingredients used in the beauty products are locally sourced. There are no chemicals added, it has all-natural ingredients, and come in an eco-friendly packaging. The products can be availed from http://dobandar.in/

Range of products:

  • Body care
  • Face care
  • Feet care
Do Bandar Products

Source: dobandar.in

9. Skin Yoga:

Skin yoga is suitable for people who are looking to use natural products that are 100% chemical free. The brand was created by three sisters Radhika, Jagriti, and Deepika Choudhary after they discovered a gap in natural skincare products. Every skin yoga products are infused with natural ingredients to tackle several skin issues. Check out the link https://skinyoga.in to avail their products.

Range of products:

  • Face care products including face mask, brightening gel, facial repair oil, face wash, and makeup remover.
  • Body care products like body scrub, massage oil, body purifier, body mousse, and anti-stretch marks.
Skin Yoga Natural Products

Source: skinyoga.in

10. Jhelum Loves:

Jhelum Bose created the line of organic product brand Jhelum loves. She is also the beauty editor of Harper’s Bazaar, India and Marketing Head for Sephora India & Founder of Beauty Beats. The line of Jhelum Loves products includes skin care and hair care products. Bose’s aromatherapy products use natural ingredients in small batches. The most popular ones are Divinity a face cream and lavender face mist. The products do not contain parabens, low-sulphate content, organic oils, and no animal testing. You can avail the products from https://jhelumloves.com/.

Range of products:

  • Chakra oil set
  • Fable of five fragrance set
  • Shower smoothie
  • Face oil, face cream, and face mist
Jhelum Loves Beauty Products

Source: jhelumloves.com

11. Ayca:

Pastry chef Mallyeka Watsa created the skincare line Ayca that is rooted in aromatherapy and Ayurveda. Watsa and her co-founder Himani Singh created small, customized batches using ingredients like bergamot, oudh wood, and jasmine. The wellness brand uses all-natural ingredients with no added parabens and is free from animal testing. To avail the products, you can write to [email protected] or check out their link https://www.ayca.in/.

Range of products:

  • Skin care products including hand & body wash, body lotion, body butter, body oil, and aloe vera gel.
  • Face care products like hydrating gels, night care, scrubs, and masks.
Ayca Beauty Products

Source: ayca.in

12. Juicy Chemistry:

Juicy Chemistry products are formulated with no preservatives and chemicals. Their products are available in ready-to-use gift boxes. From serums, cold-pressed oils, and scrubs, you can avail a wide range of products for all types of skin.

Range of Products:

  • Certified organic lips, toner, and eye care, moisturizers, cleansers, serums, and others.
  • Organic oils
  • Organic masks
  • Gourmet Soaps
Juicy Chemistry Products

Source: juicychemistry.com

13. Ma Earth Botanicals:

As the name suggests, Ma Earth Botanicals uses natural ingredients mostly from plant and vegetable extracts. Their products tackle issues like cellulit and dryness. There is also a special range of oil blends which works deeper to treat problems like ADHD. There are no chemical preservative, artificial fragrances, additives, and parabens used in their products. You can avail the products from https://maearthbotanicals.com/.

Range of products:

  • Skin care products including face mist, facial scrub, detoxifying face mask, and face wash.
  • Body care products including anti-cellulite massage oil, shower gel, and organic soap.
Ma Earth Botanicals

Source: maearthbotanicals.com

14. Gulnare:

Gulnare’s founder Shonali Bedi did her studies in Ayuveda, ancient Egyptian beauty secrets, and Chinese medicine. Their organic, handmade skincare range is well-priced. The ingredients used in the products are almond oil, saffron, Vitamin E, aloe, and coffee caramel body scrub. The products are free from chemical preservatives, contain organic ingredients, and use no animal testing. You can avail the products from https://www.gulnareskincare.com/.

Range of products:

  • Face skincare products like exfoliator, makeup remover, facial mist toner, highlighter, toner, illuminator, etc.
  • Bath and body products.
Gulnare Ayuveda Products

Source: gulnareskincare.com

15. The Nature’s Co:

The Nature’s Co creates products that are natural and safe. They are gentle on your skin and cause no side effects. It uses modern technology and natural ingredients for developing luxurious beauty products. Their range of products is inspired from natural elements like sun, air, earth, water, and forest.

Range of Products:

  • Bath oils, bath polishers, bath salts, and sugar body scrubs.
  • Body butter, body mist, and hand & foot care.
  • Sun care products.
The Natures Co Products

Source: thenaturesco.com


Q. 1. Can I make use of different organic beauty brands?

A. Yes, you can choose to use several organic beauty brands depending on your choice, budget, and skin types.

Q. 2. Where can I avail organic makeup brands in India?

A. Organic makeup brands in India can be found in cosmetic stores. You can also avail these products online from their respective sites and other popular beauty sellers like Nykaa.

Hope you use these amazing organic makeup brands and enjoy their benefits. Do not forget your thought with us. We would love to read your responses.

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