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DIY: Fashion, Hairstyles, Clothes and Jewellery

DIY category is one such that has kept all age women busy and occupied. These can be DIY hairstyles, DIY manicure, DIY facials and DIY’s on everything under the sun.

Do it yourself, a.k.a DIY, are simple fun projects for women and girls to re-use old products me make new stuff. In these projects, lip balms can be made at home, natural face washes, homemade cosmetics, vaginal washes, and much more can be done sitting at home using simple products and ingredients.
Many home remedies also come under DIY. Some examples of DIY home remedies are how to whiten teeth naturally, etc.

Fun stuff for teenage girls can include how to re-use your old brooches, make paper necklaces, transform cuffs and bracelets into anklets, Give denims a makeover with patches, give your old shoes a makeover and so on. Talking about old shoes, you can simply add neon lace to your old ballerinas and make them funky. Add stones and beads if you are the bling types. Easy, right?

Did you know you can make dry shampoo at home? Surprised? Well, don’t be. FashionLady can teach you how to make dry shampoo at home. Now you do not need to spend unnecessary money on the chemical products available at the stores.

While doing DIY’s using glue sticks and sharp objects, please be careful. Teenagers and younger kids are advised to do it while some adult is around to guide and teach them.
Easy DIY’s also need some practice. DIY hairstyles make take some time to master them. Since you cannot see what you are doing at the back of your head, do give it a couple of tries. Be patient enough and don’t lose hope.

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