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Easy And Quick DIY Lipstick Holder For Your Stash

by Fashionlady
DIY Lipstick Holder

DIY Lipstick Holder

You are the makeup junkie that has anything and everything and in moments of crisis, when you can’t find your favourite shade of lipstick, all hell might break loose! That is why we have the perfect solution for you! You don’t need to buy highly complicated makeup storage and lipstick holder devices when you can build one for yourself! Yes, we are not kidding because this article is all about having your own DIY lipstick holder. We have some amazing ideas to help you make your lipstick holder DIY!

Lipstick Holder

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So, let’s start with some lipstick holder ideas

All you need, will be a few craft supplies and your lipstick holder case will be ready in a jiffy.

Mason Jar DIY Lipstick Holder

Mason jars are amazing storage devices and if you have tiny ones, they can be perfect appendages to your lipstick colours.

For a DIY Mason jar lipstick holder, take mason jars of similar sizes and fix them with double-sided tape on a flat surface of your choice. The smaller the better because fitting too many lipsticks in one Mason jar is actually very troublesome. Mason jars also give you a lot of freedom to be creative. So take out your brushes and get creative!

Mason jar lipstick holder

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DIY Box Lipstick Holder

This one is the easiest of them all! You do not need many resources and most of it is usually lying around the house. Here is what you will need:

  • An empty mobile phone box. Make sure it is a little big and not as tiny as the iPhone box!
  • Empty toothpaste boxes or boxes which are similarly shaped
  • Glue Stick

(That’s it? Yes! We really don’t need too many items to make this easy peasy DIY lipstick holder!)

How to make it:

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  • Take the mobile phone box and embellish it if you like
Homemade lipstick holder

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  • Cut open the lipstick boxes in half and arrange them as shown:

How to make lipstick holder

  • Stick all the empty box pieces together and try and fit in as many as possible inside the mobile phone box
How to do lipstick holder

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  • Let it dry well and then you can put in all your lipsticks in it.


A cheap and effective way to store your favourite shades-the DIY lipstick holder

Lipstick holders

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Use a Shoe Organizer to Store All Your Lipstick

Next time you are buying a shoe organizer, buy one extra transparent one to store all your makeup stuff. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t require many efforts and since it is see through, you can actually store all your lipstick shades in it without much ado. Hang it on your bathroom or dresser door and make it serve as a pocket reckoner for all your makeup needs. Not just lipsticks, but you can also store lots of other stuff here.

Lipstick holder DIY

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Here’s a video to help you understand better

See, creating a DIY lipstick holder is so easy! You will hardly need a lot of time or a lot of resources. Tell us which one you will try in the comments below!

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